Daily Devotional – 2/28/19 “ This can be your Exodus”

LeAndria Johnson, a well-known gospel singer recently made headlines again when she admitted to being in jail for 30 days after violating probation due to an DUI. Not long after her admission, she went live on Facebook before entering rehab. I commend her and I’ll tell you why. As a child of God, it’s hard to be in the face of people and have flaws. Now add to that, the fact she’s a preacher and gospel singer and it makes it even harder. Yet, she owned her truth. She has a problem with alcohol. Here’s why I’m sharing this. To tell you, STOP HIDING YOUR FLAWS! I don’t care if you are in the public’s eye like LeAndria. I don’t care if you have ten thousand followers. Neither do I care about your platform, how good you look on that conference fliers or how many people log on to catch your live; it matters not, if you’re still bound! To you, that woman or man who barely has friends, you don’t make videos, you rarely post on social media, you don’t have a platform or a million followers … I’m talking to you too. I’m speaking to the woman who had a hard day with the children. I’m talking to the teacher who is suicidal. I’m speaking to the preacher who can slay worship service but not giants.

I’m talking to the deacon who can’t go a day without drinking or smoking. I’m talking to the usher who is lying with man after man because you don’t know your worth. I’m speaking to the CFO, COO, CEO who was molested as a child and you can’t keep yourself from going back to that dark place in your mind. I’m speaking to you … man or woman of God, whose past keep drilling a hole in your present. I’m speaking to the man who has fathered children but can’t be a dad because no one has taught you how. I’m speaking to the woman whose marriage is suffering because nobody taught you how to be a wife. I’m speaking to you who are depressed and find yourself being full from tears and can’t eat. I’m speaking to you who don’t feel good enough. So, you drink. So, you smoke. So, you cut yourself. So, you take pills. So, you sleep around. So, you party. So, you pretend. You smile because if you stop, you’ll burst into tears. You are the life of the party and if you stop, you might just put that gun to your head and pull the trigger. You show up when people call and if you don’t, the silence may swallow you up. Come out beloved and get help. Stop hiding your problems because when you hide them, you can’t get help for them. Stop being ashamed because that shame is what’s keeping you bound. Call the therapist, make the appointment and go this time. Check yourself into rehab and commit this time. Wipe off the makeup and let us see the real you. Roll up your sleeves and show your scars. THEN GET HELP!

Beloved, this can be your exodus, exodus = departure, from what has you imprisoned but you’ve first got to admit your part. “For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!”” Romans 8:15

This is my Exodus

Daily Devotional – 5/18/15 “Freedom declaration!”

I’m an imperfect person yet I am handpicked for this assignment. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I have access to the teacher. I may not have all the scriptures memorized but I have a study guide. I sometimes do things I’m not supposed to, say things I shouldn’t but that’s only because I’m human. Yea; if you cut me, I’ll bleed red blood, if I hit my toe, I just might cuss, if I get hurt, I’ll hurt and if something happens, I just might cry – I am human, after all. Just because God has bestowed in me a gift of delivering His word, has ordained me in His sight and now I stand in a pulpit; it doesn’t mean my struggles are any easier, in fact they are sometimes harder. Yet, I’ve come to understand that as a Saint of God; you have to start with a strong foundation (that’s God), be rooted in fertile ground (that’s God’s word) and then be surrounded by good light (that’s other like-minded folk) in order to make it through this journey. It gets hard y’all but when you got others around you who don’t mind spraying water on you when they see you getting dry (that’s praying for you), needling the dirt around you when they see you being stagnant in your position (that’s encouragement) and sharing their light with you so that you can feel how good it feels to be loved (that’s the love of God) you find that you can handle this thang and you push on!

Baby, what’s the sense of having somebody around you who can’t help you? That’s like asking a mannequin for help. What’s the sense of going to worldly folk for Godly advice? That’s like going to a foot doctor for your heart problems. What’s the use of having someone around you who can’t encourage you every once in a while. You do know the enemy rejoices every time we give up, don’t you? That’s why today, on this Monday, the 18th day of May; I am declaring you to be FREE from whatever has you tangled up! But there is a catch – you have to believe it too. You have to have faith that you can be free from whatever circumstance you’re in, from whatever sickness that has you held hostage, from whatever addiction has your mind, from that hate that you’ve been carrying around all this time and even from the generational curses that is destroying your present and then be free! For the pastor/minister who is on the verge of giving up on his/her vision, don’t do it; that’s the trick of the enemy, hold on and fight because there are people counting on you (more than those counting you out)! For the person who just looked at their checking account and got discouraged, hold on; something big is about to happen. For the parent who is praying for their child to come home, hold on; it’s about to happen. Stop allowing baby mommas and daddies, alcoholism, drugs, jobs, men, women, children, depression, sicknesses or whatever it is to control your life, set yourself free! Surround yourself with folk who have your best interest, who want to see you free and who don’t mind praying for you when you are going through. I thank God for those of you who pray for me, who continually lift and encourage me. Declare your freedom on today and have faith enough to walk in it! I’m praying for you, you can do it!