Daily Devotional – 4/12/16 “Praise nevertheless!”

Waiting until Sunday to praise the Lord is like waiting for someone to tell you to breathe; you won’t survive. Baby, we’ve got to praise the Lord at all times. Why, because praise is what God is due. Let’s be transparent for a moment … We owe the Lord and we owe Him too much and because we owe Him and know that we can’t pay Him, the least we should do is offer Him His due praise. We can’t repay the Lord but we can serve Him with our entire heart. We can’t repay the Lord but we can show Him our thanks through our service. We can’t repay you Lord but can I work off my debt? See, we’ve got to start saying like Psalm 119:108, “LORD, accept my offering of praise, and teach me your regulations.” Beloved, don’t you know that when we praise the Lord, thangs start happening? When we praise the Lord, it makes the enemy tremble and withdraws from your presence because praise confuses Him. When we call on the name of the Lord debts will be demolished, sickness will be healed, finances will be fruitful and our spirit will be sanctified. When we praise the Lord while in the wilderness, He’ll allow us to come out whole. When we praise the Lord while in the pit, He’ll allow us to come out prospering. When we praise the Lord when we have nothing, He’ll restore to us everything we lost. Chile, when we make praise our testimony, the Lord will prepare a bridge over our troubled water.

This is why praise shall continually be in our mouth, spilling over on our lips. This is why it’s crucial that praise is always in our hands and feet. This is why it’s important to have a heart full of praise and worship. We don’t have to wait until Sunday morning, we can praise wherever we are. We don’t have to wait until the choir sings our song, we can praise right now in the midst of the hell staring us in the face. You don’t have to wait; praise the Lord while the chemo or dialysis is running through your body. You don’t have to wait; praise the Lord in the midst of the circumstances that don’t make any sense. Why, because I’ve found that when you praise, God will show up. When Solomon finished his prayer and worship in the temple’s dedication, the bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:1, “When Solomon finished praying, fire flashed down from heaven and burned up the burnt offerings and sacrifices, and the glorious presence of the LORD filled the Temple.” What do you think will happen when you’re done? I’m just faith crazy enough to believe that God will send down the fire of the Holy Spirit to fill our temple! What do you believe when you praise?

Daily Devotional – 4/22/13 “Can we worship together?

On the way to church yesterday morning, I told my husband that I hope church wouldn’t be “dead” because I needed to have a real worship experience. You know one of those ones that allow you to leave better than you were when you came in. The kind where you come in with a little ache and pain yet you leave renewed. The kind that makes you feel like you’ve just been released from all the hell you’ve experienced during the week. The kind that allows your hope to be refreshed just when you’ve felt like it is slipping away. I enjoy those worship services and I miss those worship services. Oh, don’t get me wrong because I don’t need the music and the preacher to get my praise on but sometimes you want to go to a party where everybody is having a good time, don’t you? Yea, going to church can be like going to a party but the only thing different is your dance partner and your choice of music. Why do you get up early on Sunday morning, get dressed, comb your hair, (for the ladies) put on makeup, shoes that hurt your feet, a tie that you don’t normally wear just to go into God’s house with the intention of not giving Him praise? For Psalm 150:1-2 says, “Hallelujah! Praise God in his holy house of worship, praise him under the open skies; praise him for his acts of power, praise him for his magnificent greatness;” so why don’t you? You say you’re thankful yet you have the audacity to not say it in front of certain folks. Where are the deacons that could shift the atmosphere by simply singing, “If it wasn’t for Jesus?” Where are the ushers that didn’t mind getting their praise on while standing at the door? Where are the mothers who would dance out of their hats? Where are the choir members who would set the church on fire by calling on the name of Jesus? Where are the preachers who don’t have to always have a whoop in their voice to get their point across? Where are the good old saints that could turn altar call into a worship service? Why don’t we worship together like we party together? Why can’t we worship together like we gossip together? Why can’t we enjoy service the way we enjoy a backyard barbeque? Why can’t we have a real worship experience sometimes? Oh, I just wish for once folk will stop worrying about who is looking and get their praise on for the good AND bad things that happen in their life. Just praise God because He is worthy to be praised and not because you were short on your rent this month. Praise God because He is worthy and not because your boo left. Praise God every day and not just because today is a bad day. Praise God just because!

Anyway, I digress …