Daily Devotional – 3/19/18 “Why God?”

Why God? When you initially look at these two words, the first thing that probably comes to mind is to question God. Why God is this happening? Why God hasn’t this happened? Why God do I have to suffer? Why God did my business fail? Why God isn’t anybody calling? Why God? But today, my question isn’t to God but it’s to you. Why God? In other words, why have you chosen God? Why do you go to worship every Sunday, bible study and Sunday school? Why do you attempt to live right? Why be devoted? Why pay tithes? Why God? I am asking you this question in order to prick your mind. See, it is easy for us to want to give up when trouble comes but then I remember why God. Sure, it’s easy to fall back into our old ways but then I remember why God. Yep, I can be angry at God for things not happening as quickly as I want but then I remember why God. For me, the answer is easy. I could tell you that I chose God because He chose me, He first loved me, He paid the ransom to the enemy for my life or because He’d anointed me. And while all these things are true, I chose God because He allowed me to try everything else and still called me worthy.

This is my truth but let me be clear. God wasn’t the last resort because I could have stayed in my hell and continued to struggle. He wasn’t the, “I guess I’ll try Him now,” kind of choice because I could have continued to shack up with trouble. I chose God after He’d allowed me to try everything else and He still waited on me. I chose God because He never gave up on me, instead He allowed me to make mistakes. I chose God because He never stopped calling, even when I’d ignore His calls, He’d simply leave a voicemail and then try again. God never stopped showing up, even if He had to peek through the window. Why God? Because everything else was easy but choosing God was hard. Why God? Because while being faithful to flesh was fulfilling, sacrificing to the spirit saved me. Why God? It’s like David says in Psalm 34:4, “I sought the LORD, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.” So now I ask you again, why God?

Daily Devotional – 1/22/18 “Why God?”

No, this isn’t one of those devotionals where we will spend the next few minutes questioning God on why this/that is or is not happening. In actuality, the question, “Why God,” is directed at you. Yes, you; why did you choose God? I am not looking for the cute, fluffed up answer but I need you to dig deep and think about this thing. You’re probably wondering what difference does it make or even the sense of this question but I’m asking in order for you to really think about it. See, when you truly figure out why you chose God, maybe then you’ll truly start believing, trusting and serving God more. So, I ask you again, why God? Why did you choose God that day? I am not talking about the time, you were 13, went to a revival with your grandmother and joined the mourner’s bench. I’m referring to that time, in the middle of your bedroom, when you felt like you couldn’t go on and you surrendered. I’m talking about that time you stopped running and finally told God yes. I’m talking about that time you were standing at the end of the ledge about to jump but didn’t. The time you were staring at the barrel of the gun but didn’t pull the trigger. The time you counted out the pills but didn’t swallow them. I’m talking about that time you gave up and decided you no longer wanted to live the way you’d been living. I’m talking about the time, you for real chose God.

Why? What made that time different from the rest? What made that night different from all the other nights, you laid awake after committing the sin? What made that morning different from all the other mornings you cried and declared you’d changed? Look, I am not asking this question to pry into your business but I’m asking in order for you to take a reflective look. You chose God for a reason and whatever the reason is/was, it made you trust God, believe in and on God and serve Him. And if God was worthy of being chosen then, what happened to make you doubt Him now because He hasn’t changed. If you trusted Him enough, then, to give yourself to Him; what happened to make you change now because God is still the same. Why God? Today I want you to do something for me. Take a few minutes of alone time, turn off all distractions, focus and go back to that dark place and rediscover the reason you, for real, chose God. Doing this allows you to reignite the fire you once had and the belief in God who was able to save you, bring you out, heal, deliver and set you free. Rediscovering why you chose God, may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.