Daily Devotional – 5/23/14 “During the interrogation!”

On yesterday, I asked the question; where’s the witness because I am still trying to figure out why we’ve gotten away from testifying on God’s behalf in this day and time. Yes, I know you say you don’t want folk all in your business but I know that couldn’t possibly be it when you post everything to social media. So, what’s the real reason? This is how I see it. Going through storms, tribulations, falling moments, stumbling situations and all the hell you’ve endured was your interrogation and after coming out of it, why not testify about it? I mean, you do know that you’ve been granted the ultimate immunity by the ultimate judge; don’t you? You do know that nothing you done, in your past, will be held against you, don’t you? Then why not witness? During the interrogation you may have lost a few friends and family members but you made it through. During the interrogation, the clouds may have become dark and hung a little low but can’t you see the sun peeking through? During the interrogation, you probably shed a lot of tears, had some sleepless nights, moments of not being able to make ends meet, days of having no food in the refrigerator and thoughts of wanting to give up but didn’t you make it out? During the interrogation you may have had some pain in your body, some sickness the doctor said you’d probably not make it through or some disease that made man shake their head yet you’re alive today; aren’t you? During the interrogation you may have even been addicted to the bottle, the feeling you got when you shot that stuff in your veins, the high you thought you’d never come off of or the excitement of doing you but look at you now; clean and sober. Isn’t God worthy of your witness? Didn’t you make it through your interrogation with your integrity? Didn’t you come out of your interrogation with your inheritance increased? Didn’t you come out of your interrogation with God inhabiting your inward places? Then why can’t you witness? Didn’t God keep His promise of protection, providing, healing, peace that surpass your understanding and gifts that’ll make room for you all during your interrogation? Then where is your witness? You may even be in the midst of your interrogation now but take notes because when it’s all over with and those doors are opened, you’ll be able to walk out with freedom and a clean past. God has a purpose for the things we go through as long as we go through with Him. Don’t count yourself out because of the hell you’re going through now, that’s just your interrogation and soon you’ll have the opportunity to witness by saying, “I can remember when” because then you’d be delivered from it!