Daily Devotional – 8/26/19 “Recovery then restoration!”

Stop praying for a Job type restoration, if you aren’t willing to go through a Job type test. See, we want the restoration but to get to restoration, there has to be something that happened prior to that caused either damage or brokenness. That’s where we fail. We can’t pray for restoration, unless there’s something damaged and/or broken. In my latest book, When the Vows Break 3 (shameless plug), I wrote on recovery and restoration. First, you have to know there’s a difference in the two because many times we tend to want to skip the recovery part. However, recovery is the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost. Whereas restoration is the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition. Let’s say you own a building and the building catches fire or there’s been some damage done to it. After the fire, the building is in the hands of the fire department and until you regain possession of it, you can’t restore it. Well, the only way God can effectively restore us, we’ve got to be in God’s possession. We do that through recovery.

Let’s face it, we sometimes walk away from God. That’s because we face stuff that seems like punishment or we have abandonment issues. With abandonment issues, even physical, they play into our spiritual. You can be honest because when God doesn’t answer, when we think He should, we feel abandoned and we turn away from Him. We’ll stop going to church, stop praying, stop tithing and fasting etc. That’s okay, God doesn’t leave us, even when we leave Him. However, for God to perform restoration, we have to be in His possession. Job, he went through unimaginable loss, after which God restored everything he lost. Yet, before he got to restoration, he had to recover.

Job’s recovery was a process and it hurt. He had to go through detox (he had to lose some stuff), anger (he cursed the day he was born), crying out to God, pleading with God, arguing with God, the why me (Job asked why aren’t the wicked punished), understanding, recalling former things, being challenged by God and then apologizing to God. Once we make it here, God isn’t done because then, He’ll require something of us. For Job, he had to pray for his friends. Afterwards, though, Bible says in Job 42:10, “When Job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes. In fact, the Lord gave him twice as much as before!” Yes, we can get to restoration but there’s a process and a cost. And if you want to know if the process is worth it … it absolutely is.

Daily Devotional – 8/6/19 – Is your “I think,” sincere?

Jimmy, your cousin is an addict. On your way home, one day, you see Jimmy begging for money. You start your usual, “Jimmy, this stuff is bad for you,” or “Jimmy, you’re too old to be still be like this.” Yada, yada. Jimmy isn’t listening, he just needs those loose dollars in your pocket. You give him what you have and walk off, shaking your head because you can’t understand why Jimmy can’t just leave that stuff alone. Here’s the thing, Jimmy probably wishes he could too, but it’s not as easy as you think. See, it’s easy, to be on the outside, casting your “I think,” judgment but let me ask you … Do you THINK a person who smokes can throw away their cigarettes/weed/nicotine and the taste will magically disappear? It won’t. Do you THINK an abusive person can up and walk away from their abuser, the first or fifth time they get hurt? They can’t. Do you THINK a person addicted to drugs and alcohol can just give it up, without ever wanting it again? They can’t. Sometimes, you have to keep your “I THINK” theology, especially if ain’t nobody asked for it.

I think

Beloved, if getting over addiction was easy, there’d be no need for rehab and twelve-step programs. Here’s what you do … stop scolding folk, who have problems. Heck, they know it and if I can be honest, some of y’all, who always got an opinion, also got an addiction. I said it. Some are addicted to drama and that’s why you’re always in the middle of mess. Some are addicted to inflicting pain, to self, to hurt you before anyone else can. Some of y’all are addicted to Lil Rico and Shaquana but that ain’t my business. Truth is, some of y’all are addicted to self-sabotage because fear makes you believe you can’t do any better. My point, we all have problems and it ain’t as easy as you think, to overcome. Addiction, for some, came from needing a safe place, within their mind when their surroundings weren’t safe. Addiction, for some, was attached to their bloodline and they were the one to fall victim to it. An addiction could have been something used, to stop the thoughts but now they can’t stop it. Stop judging folk’s situation. If you can help, help and if you can’t, refer them to somebody who can but keep your “I think,” theology if it isn’t coming from a pure and sincere place.