Daily Devotional – 6/27/16 “It’s time we get right church!”

The physical worship places of today have become so commercialized and money hungry that we’ve forgotten about saving the unsaved and empowering the saved. Some preachers won’t even preach God’s word without a certain amount of pay when God gave you the gift for free. Yea, a workman should be paid but will you still show up at a small church who can only afford half your normal rate? Why has it become easy to focus on natural things and not the spiritual things? Yes, precious pastor; I know you have 1000 members but how many of them are spiritually worthy? Yes, fellow pew member; you can recite scriptures but is it evident by your life? Yes, unwavering usher; your movements are on point but can you point me to the way of salvation? Yes, devoted deacon; you know the pastor’s contract better than your name but how many souls have you bought to God? Yea, mighty missionary; you look good on annual day but what else are you doing? Beloved, God is doing something in the spirit that is shaking up the spiritual realm. This is why a lot of us are feeling out of whack and can’t understand it. Some of you are waking up confused, that’s because you’re still fighting what God is trying to do. Some of you are trying to figure out why you’re so tired; that’s because God is trying to get your attention and the only way He can, you have to be sleep. Don’t you understand, God is tired of seeing us play with His word? God is sick of you laying your dirty hands on His people with no anointing. God is tired of these empty altar call prayers that isn’t casting out any demon. God is tired of the non-teaching bible studies and the big words you share on Sunday morning. And God won’t continually sit by while you go from the pulpit to the hotel, the church to the club, from bible study to the bar and from shouting to causing hell.

You may be tired of hearing this but it’s my duty to tell say it. Plus, you may not have all the time you think you do to get things right. We are living in times where children are murderers at the age of 15. Women are being murdered by men who claim to love them and men are being taken advantage of by women in child support court and the system is failing them. Police officers are acquitted of killing innocent victims all because they carry a badge but what about the oath to serve and protect. Racism is freely walking through our streets and if you say something, you’re pushing your own agenda. Reality TV is taking over but it’s not reality. Schools are failing our children and we accept it. A man can rape a woman and get away with it. Two people can commit the same crime and their sentence is based on the color of their skin. The enemy is bold enough to stand up in our worship places and we’re too afraid to tell him to get the hell out. When will we get back to saving the unsaved and empowering the saved? When will we tell folk their message is no longer valid? Aren’t you sick of it too? Please make a note of this … I am not perfect and I still fall short but I’m striving every day to be better than I was yesterday and I may not always get it right. However, I’m sick of the enemy holding on to my children, peers, family and friends. Aren’t you? Are you not tired of being defeated? It’s time we get right church!


Daily Devotional – 4/2/14 “What in the hell is going on?”

We have 2 teenagers at home and sometimes I really think they are strangers. I just don’t understand. Kids now days want to be disrespectful yet ask for something in the same breath. They’ll lie to you in your face and then not expect anything to happen. More parents are burying children who’ve died at the hands of other children. Young girls would rather be referred to as a bad b**** than their name and young boys would rather their pants sag than pull them up. What in the hell is going on? These kids have no sense of urgency yet they want you to move every time they call. They have no respect for themselves so how can we expect them to respect their elders? Yea, we take them to church yet they aren’t learning a thing because their heads are still in their phones the entire time. Yea, I know the bible says in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” but what about now because they may not make it to grow old. No ma’am, no sir; I am not placing all of the blame on all parents because even those that care enough to act like it still raise rebellious children so I am placing the blame back on them. My 17-year-old says she can’t wait to move out yet she has no car, no job and no sense of responsibility even though she’s being raised in a home with 2 parents, morals and responsibilities. However, all I can do now is continue to try to correct her skewed thinking before the world slaps her in the face. Sometimes I believe the smart phones these children carry around are smarter than them and it’s sad.

I thank God every day for my upbringing because every day it continues to bring me up. We were taught how to be ladies in our homes, we cooked dinner at 13, helped momma raise our brothers and handled the household because she had to work. We didn’t sleep in on a Saturday morning because there were things to do. We didn’t act up nor skip school because we got our butts beat when momma or granddaddy found out. We didn’t disrespect adults because then everybody in the neighborhood could discipline you. We didn’t talk back because parents weren’t afraid to discipline you, even in public. Oh but now, we ask the kids what they want for dinner, stand in a line for hours to buy them the latest Jordan tennis shoes that are the same ones they already got just in a different color, leave them at home on Sunday morning because they stayed out late the night before, give them the option to do chores when they are at home all day and tip toe around them because you don’t want to make them mad when they ain’t even old enough to drive. What in the hell is going on? Instead of your daughter being on the phone while you cook dinner, teach her how to make the cornbread. While your son is chilling on a Saturday, teach him how to cut the grass. If we don’t teach them, how will they know? Teach them how to responsible and respectful so that he’ll know how to treat one another. Teach them the value of a dollar so they won’t sign away their life the first time a credit card application comes in the mail. Teach them how to pray so that they can call on God when times get hard. Teach them how to worship so that the Holy Spirit can abide in them and speak for them when they can’t. Teach them how to be responsible drinkers when they get 21 so they won’t end up dead or in jail before they turn 22. Teach them how to work hard for the things they want instead of stealing and robbing folks. Teach them that it’s ok to love themselves but not become self-centered and full of themselves. If you have a trade, teach it to them because even if they act like they aren’t interested now, they will be when they least expect it because if you start early building their foundation, they’ll always have it to build on and then Proverbs 22:6, fits!