Daily Devotional – 3/20/18 “Shake off the dust!”

Sometimes you have to take your loss, chalk it up to lesson learned, shake the dust from your feet and move on. Sure, you can sit and cry over the mistakes, beat yourself over the should haves and could haves and even wallow in your pity but what good will that do? You were denied, you didn’t get the promotion, you couldn’t get approved for the car you wanted, the church didn’t choose you as pastor, you were not selected as chairperson, the relationship didn’t work, the marriage failed, the medicine didn’t heal you and etc. but you cannot give up. What you can do, you can make notes of what didn’t work, this time, and try again. Understand, it means more work on your part but it’ll be worth it. This means you may have to do more research, take more time to get you together, go outside of your comfort zone, shed a few more tears and hear a few more no’s. However, eventually, it will pay off. Ask me how I know. It’s because I’ve been there. Even more transparency, there are still some days things don’t work out in my favor but I keep grinding.

I know I’ve shared a little about my struggle but it doesn’t go away overnight. There have been plenty of times I’ve had to cut my losses and move on. Did it hurt? Heck yeah but it pushes me and it makes me stronger. It also teaches me to value my worth. Look, I am a female preacher in a society where most say a woman can’t preach. This means I either don’t get an invitation to the table or if I do, I am paid significantly less than a man. Does that stop me? Nope, I simply shake the dust from my feet and move on. In the bible, when Jesus sent the disciples out to minister, He tells them in Matthew 10, to enter a place and find someone who is worthy and announce a blessing. If it turns out, they are indeed worthy, let your blessing stand but if they aren’t take it back. AND if they will not receive you or listen to you, shake the dust from your feet and leave that house or town. In other words, stop staying where you aren’t welcomed and stop wallowing in what you think is when you know it isn’t. If that’s a job, a relationship, a place of worship, a business, the grocery store or wherever. Cut your losses and move on because there is someone/something waiting on you elsewhere.