Daily Devotional – 1/16/19 “Spiritually Kidnapped!”

Some of you came into 2019 with your spiritual kidnapper and the reason you haven’t left yet, you have Stockholm Syndrome. In other words, you’ve gotten comfortable with the person/thing who has kidnapped your gifts, plans and purpose. Yea, they keep reminders around but you’ve got used to not using your gifts because “they” said they weren’t good for you and would never pay off. They remind you, in anger, what they ‘saved’ you from but truthfully, they only made you a hostage. They allow you a little freedom, to dream, but not much because if you were to ever get a taste of your purpose, they are fearful of you realizing your true potential and leaving their raggedy, good for nothing butt. This is why, beloved, they’ll keep calling you fat, ugly, useless, unimportant and saying no one else will want you. A manipulator and abuser will tell you everything, they know will make you stay. “I’ll kill myself if you leave,” “I promise not to hurt you again,” “You know I didn’t mean it,” “I’ll get help,” or even “I’ll help you with your dreams.” Yet, they’ll still hurt you by taking you to the edge but not allowing you to touch.

They want you to believe you can’t make it without them but are you not tired? Are you not tired of hiding the journals with the unpublished books? Are you not tired of throwing away your visions and goals? Are you not tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the gift that you are? Are you not tired of purpose keeping you up at night or daydreaming about the thing that makes you happy? Aren’t you tired of not walking in your calling? Yea, what you’re doing and that job you have now, it’s okay but it’s not your purpose. For Psalm 57:2-3 says, “I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me. He shall send from heaven, and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up. Selah. God shall send forth his mercy and his truth.” My sister/my brother, today I’ve seen your face on the missing poster and I’m calling in a tip for your freedom. Yea, I’m sending in the Spiritual Weapon and Tactic Team (SWAT) to pull you to safety. I’ve called the Chief of Purpose and He’s mobilizing His best team of angels to get you out. Oh but hold up because you have to be ready. It makes no sense to go through all the preparations just for you to go back to your pit. If you’re ready, great but if you’re not speak your truth and when you are ready, then give this signal … Lift your head towards heaven and say, “God, I surrender and I’m ready.”


Daily Devotional – 11/6/18 “Purpose!”

I don’t know who needs to read this but your purpose will never stop chasing you. Yea, you might ignore it but it’ll still be there. You may never walk in it but it’ll still keep waking you up at night. I don’t know who needs to read this but your purpose only dies when you do. You can keep allowing fear to talk you out of it but it’ll still be there. You can sit on it and it’ll still be there when you stand up. Why? Because God said, as plainly as possible, in Proverbs 16:4, “The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil.” Let me type this again … The LORD has made everything for ITS OWN PURPOSE! ITS means belonging to so in this scripture, ‘its’ is referencing God. God made everything for Himself and God doesn’t leave loose ends to just lollygag in the wind. He has a purpose for everything He makes, especially you. I don’t care who said you’d never make it, God made you for His purpose and He doesn’t make mistakes. I don’t care if your business didn’t succeed the first time, God made you for His purpose and He doesn’t make failures. I don’t care what is tied to your bloodline, God made you for His purpose and He has the ability to destroy every curse.

Beloved, you have a purpose and God will ensure you get to it. Why do you think He kept you and your mind while you did all those drugs and alcohol? Why do you think He allowed you to survive when you were having unprotected sex and didn’t get an incurable disease? Why do you think He allowed you to beat what doctors said would kill you? Why do you think He allowed healing when a degenerative disease should have been your portion? Beloved, you have a purpose and this is why you are still here. When will you get up? You are still alive so when will you get up and write the vision? You are still graced for this so when will you get up, write the vision and get to work? Your purpose is yours to do what you want with it and it’s pass/fail ratio depends on your performance/fear. What are you going to do? You can keep grumbling or you can get up. You can keep complaining or you can conquer. You can observe or you can occupy. You can be a passerby or a participator. You can be the borrower or the lender, the worker or the employer … you get it, right? Then get it. IT=PURPOSE!