Faith over Fear

The other night, Tuesday to be exact, I did a short teaching on “how to walk in obedience when it’s embarrassing, uncomfortable and seems to never end.”

I’m posting a link to that video below for someone who may be dealing with this very issue. Listen, I don’t have all the answers but what I do know is this …

Faith — numerator
Fear — denominator

With fear as the denominator and FAITH as the numerator … Faith can pull from fear but fear can’t pull from faith.

And the bigger my faith, the smaller my fear.

I pray this blesses you! Join me on next Tuesday, 7 PM CST.

Faith over fear

Thursday’s Dose of Devotion

While you’re going through, the enemy will try to make you feel like you won’t make it. See, the enemy will have you forgetting all the other times God made a way and you MADE IT. The enemy will have you focusing on the storm and not the fact, you’ve SURVIVED worst.

Baby, God did it then AND He’ll do it NOW!