Daily Devotional – 7/2/20 “How long?”

You cannot be the one doing the hitting, then hollering when you get hit back. What I mean by hitting is … Hurting, Ignoring, Threatening, Tormenting, Injuring, Neglecting and Grumbling against people. You get what you put out. Beloved, how long will you cry victim when you started it? Please understand, you are deemed the victim when you ARE the victim, not when you are the aggressor.

And understand, this is NOT for victims of abuse and mistreatment of any kind, but I am speaking to the bullies who are quick to want to strike. You know those who find joy in making others suffer. Those who find it easy to demean people on social media or attack through text. Those who belittle for the fun of it. You’re the bully and you cannot cry victim when the victim of your attacks strike back.

Bible shares in Isaiah 29:20-21, “The ruthless will vanish, the mockers will disappear, and all who have an eye for evil will be cut down–those who with a word make someone out to be guilty, who ensnare the defender in court and with false testimony deprive the innocent of justice.”

How long do you think you can get by hurting folk? How long do you think you can get away with doing people wrong? How long do you actually think you’ll prosper from stealing people’s stuff? Oh, and just because you don’t get caught, doesn’t mean you are getting away with it. God sees all. See, here’s the truth — the only reason some of you are still being blessed in spite of your evil ways, is because of God’s compassion and love for you, not your cleverness. But bless your heart if you think so.

There are some of y’all, in high places, whom God has snatched the oil from, and the only reason you’re still being promoted is because of your name, not the anointing. Some of y’all are hiding behind the pretense of being holy when you’re really hellish, and the only reason folk are not dying, on your watch, is because God’s hand is on His people. It’s not you boo. God hasn’t knocked you down, YET, because He’s giving you time to fix it. How long will you wait? How long will you act like this? Will you fix it before it’s too late? You won’t keep getting a pass.

Daily Devotional – 4/22/20 “Don’t complain!”

Look, you ought to be at a point in your life where whining and complaining is no longer a choice or at best it should be minimal. Yes, I know things are going to happen but whining tho? When has whining and complaining gotten you anything worthy? When has throwing yourself a pity party ever resulted in something good? When has blaming folk ever paid off for you? When has making God the cause of your problems worked out in your favor? I get it, you see more bills than money, more sickness than healing, more death than deliverance, more killings than kindness, more situations than solutions, more problems than patience and more things than time but complaining won’t solve them.

While you see an issue, God is giving you an instance to actually interpret His involvement as influenced instruction. In First Kings 17, when God sent Elijah to the widow woman, He told him, “She’ll feed you.” Although God knew this woman’s flour and oil was almost empty and her plans to let her and her son die, yet He still sent Elijah. Why? Because God knew if the woman was obedient, her flour and oil wouldn’t run out until the drought in the land was over.

God knows what you’re going through. He knows the predicament you’re in. Yes, God knows you barely got enough food but He’ll send somebody to ask you for some to see if you’ll trust Him. God will let somebody ask you for five of the $10 you got left. Will you give it and trust God to provide or will you complain? Somebody may say, I’m going to do both. Child… listen, God will take care of you, even when things may not work out the way you’d hoped. God may allow you to suffer through the storm, He may allow you to fall, the test will be positive for cancer or the little change you got will run out; but don’t complain. Even in the same passage, First Kings 17, the widow woman’s son dies. Yes, after helping Elijah from her little, her son dies but Elijah takes the boy and cries out to God and God answered him.

Today, try something. No, don’t try but do it. Don’t complain. When you find yourself wanting too, change your language. When you find your mouth opening wanting to complain, speak a word of prayer over the situation. Learn how to trust God in everything because as long as you go in with God, you’ll come out with God. Stop complaining and whining through the obstacle of life in order to see that’s God’s miracle (which is you) can overcome it all.