Daily Devotional – 11/29/16 “Trust the one who knows the game!”

For the last few nights, my husband has gotten me hooked to the TV show Flip or Flop. It’s about a husband and wife whose business is flipping run down homes for a profit. On one episode, they received a call from a young man, new to the business, who needed help learning the game. contractor-free-clipart-1They agreed to partner with him on a house but during the process the new guy would flinch every time there was money to be spent because he’d already said he was in over his head. His budget was $30K, they said $45K. He wanted to keep the old cabinets, they said they’ve got to go. He said $500 for new floors, they said $5000. Long story short, because he trusted them, they ended up making a profit of almost $40K each. What am I getting at? Had the new guy not trusted the ones who knew the game, he probably wouldn’t have made anything close to what he did. And for somebody reading this, you may not understand the plays being called in your life, but trust in the one who knows the game! I know you’ve prayed and it don’t make sense; surrendered and it still don’t make sense, cried and you’re still confused; meditated and still don’t know.

But don’t you trust the one calling the shots? And do you not believe in the one making the plays? I’m only asking because if you do then you ought to know by now that God has a purpose for the exact process you’re going through. Stop calling folk, they can’t explain it. Stop looking for help, it’s already here. Stop seeking for the answer in someone’s similar situation, it isn’t the same. YOU are going through because it’s your time. Your entire life is being shook up because God said it needed to be. So, hold tight while the remodeling of you takes place. Oh, it won’t feel good but trust the contractor because while you’re putting effort into why, you’re missing the blessing of … you could be broke down during your remodeling yet you’re still working. You could be out of commission yet you’re still popping. And you could look like what you’re going through but I see you and you still look fly. Whoever you are that’s going through the remodeling phase, right now, don’t walk away prematurely because it’ll leave you unfinished for business. Trust the process!


Daily Devotional – 8/26/16 “Broken but usable!”

Stop letting folk speak negative stuff over your life! Yes, your mom wasn’t perfect but you aren’t her. So what if you dad wasn’t present, you are not him. It doesn’t matter that your great grandma was a whoremonger, you are not her neither are you your granddaddy who was a rolling stone. Don’t you know our God specializes in remodeling? Yea! God can take an old filthy, beat up and broken vessel and remodel it into greatness. I’m a living witness. I just believe that God uses those of us who are the most broken because He’s knows we’ve already been through hell and if we could handle that, we can handle what’s to come. Think about it. A drunk usually never shut up so why not take him/her, clean them up and restore them with the anointing so that, now, they never shut up about God. An addict will do anything for his/her addiction of choice so why not take them, clean them up and restore them with the anointing so that now, they’ll do anything to get to their new addiction, Jesus! Why not remodel a whoremonger who used to lie with anybody, restore them with the anointing so that now they’ll lie at the feet of God on the behalf of others.

Oh, I am just spiritual enough to believe that God chooses folk who’ve been there and done it because He knows they’ll be here and do it. God will use you just to use your testimony. God will pimp you out but it’ll be for His glory. This is why you’ve been picked out. It’s not for you to be picked on but God has need of you and He trust you enough to do it. All you have to do is trust in Him to remodel you for the work. Please understand, the remodeling process hurts but it’s necessary. But look at it like this … You could be broken down during your remodeling phase yet you aren’t so tell folk, pardon my dust. You could be closed down for repairs during the process yet there’s work to be done so let them know to excuse the construction. Baby, God could have boarded you up yet you got up this morning and that’s because your contractor won’t leave His job undone nor will He run out of finances or time before it’s complete. All He needs you to do is trust that He knows His responsibility as foreman. God says, I am about to take you to some places your old self can’t go and this is why remodeling has to take place. He says, “Take your hand off child, I got this!”

“He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. For the foundations of the earth are the LORD’s; on them he has set the world.” – 1 Samuel 2:8

Broken but usable