Daily Devotional – 5/8/18 “Trust God’s word and way!”

You are being hated on, disliked, unsupported, talked about and lied on; not because of who you are but for what folk see in you that you might not even see in yourself. Beloved look, for the sake of your sanity, I will not sugarcoat this thang but you need to know this. There are some people who will not like you, they will not support what you have to offer (even if it’s free) and neither will they congratulate you. And sure, I can tell you not to feel bad about it but the truth of the matter is, it hurts. You’re saying, “But they don’t know I’m still pinching off the little just to make it,” “But they don’t know the many nights I’ve had pace and pray,” “But they don’t know the days of not having enough for lunch and dinner,” “But they don’t know the times I didn’t think my marriage would make it,” “But they don’t know the many mornings I’ve had to cry in my car or the bathroom at work,” or “But they don’t know the thoughts that will not allow me to sleep.” They don’t know yet they assume. They assume you got it together because you look like it. They assume you got what they need because of the house you live in. They assume you can let them borrow because of the car you drive. Can I be even more real? They assume you’re good because you’re in a ministry position. They assume you don’t have any problems because all your selfies show a smile. They assume you are alright because you’re always upbeat.

They assume because they see the anointing but not the nights you’ve been angry at God. They assume because they see God, all over you, but not the times you’ve asked God to take back His oil. They assume because they see God is preparing you for something but they don’t know the times you’ve wanted to give up. They don’t know you had a meltdown yesterday because you got yourself together and you trust God. They don’t know you have $8 in the bank and four days to payday because you only let them see your trust in God. They don’t know you didn’t sleep well last night due to your worry of the household bills because you only allow them to see your devotion and not the early stages of depression. And I wish I had the right words, scripture or prayer for you. I wish I had the address of a church who could get you what you needed. I wish I knew the antidote to what ails you, the potion to end your pain, the cure to your confusion, the remedy to your rejection, the therapy to stop your toiling or the solution to your suffering. I don’t but I will tell you to, trust God. Simply, trust God’s word and God’s plan. Read Luke 21:10-19 but in verse 14-15 God says, “So make up your mind not to worry beforehand how to defend yourselves. For I will give you speech and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.”