Still Fighting: My sister’s fight with Trigeminal Neuralgia

When my twin sister LaQuisha Dionne was fighting with #TrigeminalNeuralgia, she journaled. I took some of her journal entries and wrote her story in #StillFighting. You can read it because the book released today! (YAY)

Still Fighting

Be A Fighter

Along with the book, I created a journal, Be a Fighter. While my sister fought TN, her journal created a release for her because when people didn’t understand, her journal did. My sister didn’t even remember half the things she wrote but they were etched in pen! This is why I recommend keeping a journal and why I’ve created Be a Fighter, a journal for the day when your suffering seems to have the upper hand.
The colors on the gloves represent some of the battles most fight every day.

Don’t lose hope no matter how hard it gets.

#StillFighting is her story, #BeAFighter can be yours!

Still Fighting
Be A Fighter

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Daily Devotional – 12/23/13 “Restored”

Everyone is asking how my sister is doing and I must say she is doing well. From having brain surgery on Tuesday, to coming home on Thursday night and being able to talk in her right mind; I can surely say God is in the blessing business. See, I can’t say that she is healed because there is no cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia but I can say that she is being restored. Yea, restore means to bring back to an earlier and better condition or to return something to its proper place. So, she isn’t healed but she’s being restored. It’s like silver that has been tarnished and in order to return it back to its proper place you have to remove the tarnish. Well, for my sister; the pain she’s dealt with for over 6 months was tarnish. The days of no eating, the nights of no sleep, the missed work with no pay and the days of not being able to go outside were simply tarnish covering her. Oh, but then here comes her tarnish remover, God. No, He’s never left but He had to allow this tarnish process to happen in order for her purpose to be revealed. When she was wheeled into that operating room at 6:37AM on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 and was being prepped for surgery God was shaking out His cleaning cloth. When her hair was shaved, IVs were placed and incisions were made, it was simply God wiping off the tarnish. While the doctors and nurses worked, God was wiping off the tarnish. While some family slept, played games in the waiting area and I paced; God was wiping off the tarnish. While you prayed, God was wiping off the tarnish. Every hour the nurse called to update us, God was wiping off the tarnish. Yea, the surgery was longer than expected but that’s because God had to make sure her shine was bright enough for the world to see. Oh but then she was wheeled into recovery and then to ICU and when we walked in and she opened her eyes to see us and she knew who she was and where she was; her shine was glowing. The next morning when she was able to walk with the physical therapist, her shine was showing. When she mended folks, through her struggle, and didn’t even know it; her shine was showing. When she strengthens folks, through her testimony, her shine is showing. When she never gives up even on the days she wanted too, her shine was showing. So, when I say she’s being restored, she is simply being returned to her proper place. Yes, she’ll have a scar (tarnish) that cannot be removed but get this; her hair covers it! (#goneGod) So, if you’re facing anything that seems like it’s too hard for you to understand, just know; its God working. He hasn’t left you, He is allowing you to be tarnished so that He can restore you back to your proper place.

In addition … Thank you all for praying, for donating money, for thinking about her and even for reaching out. I don’t mind you asking me questions because if it helps someone else avoid the months of pain that my sister has had to endure through, I will answer any of them until she is able too.