Daily Devotional – 7/25/16 “Stop judging!”

Stop judging folk by their outside appearance because you don’t know what they are dealing with inwardly. Baby, you see a person who is well put together but what you don’t see is the hours they paced and cried all last night. You see the smiling man but you don’t see the hell he has to put up with from a jealous/nagging wife. You see the smiling woman but what you don’t see is the pain she’s enduring from an abusive husband. You see her as abrasive but what you don’t see is the anger from sickness that’s consuming her life. You see him as cocky but what you don’t see is the many times folk have torn him down to shreds. Yea, you see an anointed preacher, minister or pastor but what you don’t see is the many hours they’ve spent in prayer to keep from losing their mind. You see the slander but you don’t see their inward suffering. This is why you have to stop bashing folk, you don’t know their story. This is why you need to keep your mouth off folk, you haven’t walked in their shoes. This is why you need to hush and pray instead of throwing in your two cents.

We are living, now, where it is time out for judging and time in for joining together in prayer. The enemy is destroying homes, businesses, relationships and worship places and by the time we recognize him (or her) it’s too late, damage is done. This is why we’ve got to get away from basking in someone else suffering and get right spiritually. I don’t know if you believe this or not but you aren’t getting away with it, it’s simply not your time to suffer. Please don’t think you’ll continually get by with causing chaos in the church because it doesn’t fit your logic of thinking. Keep thinking God isn’t abreast of your malicious deeds, it’s just not your time to be dealt with. If you aren’t a helper to God’s kingdom, stop being a hindrance. Sit down somewhere and hush because we have too many souls being lost than to dwell on your selfish, ignorant behind. There are folk dealing with spiritual demons that need to be dealt with and there’s simply not time to fight over who has been at the church the longest or paying the most tithes. When you get to a point where you can laugh at the suffering of someone else, you need to rededicate your life to God because obviously you’ve lost your way.

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

Shut up

Daily Devotional – 6/16/16 “Do you not remember?”

Do you not remember

We are living in a time where the judgment needs to end and Jesus needs to be exalted. You know what gets me? When folk get so saved they forget about the times they weren’t. I mean, folk are so holy, now, they tend to forget the times they were hellish. Folks get so sanctified and forget the times they were sneaking and hiding. I’ve read nowhere in the bible where it says a qualification to be saved is to judge. When did it become easy for folk, in the church, to look down their nose at everybody who isn’t as biblically sound as they are? You become a mother of the church, at 32, and now you condemn the younger girls for what they wear instead of thinking about the times you didn’t know any better either. You get on the deacon board and think you have the right to chastise the younger men who have tattoos, only because yours are covered up/faded. You preach two sermons and now you convict folk for their sexual orientation but what about the things you did at the freaknik in Atlanta back in the day that never got you caught up? Yes, I get it; you’ve turned over a new leaf, you’re walking in line with the word of God and you’re saved but don’t you remember when you weren’t? Do you not remember grandma’s prayers that saved you those nights you stood on the streets dealing drugs? Do you not remember those times you walked the streets out your mind and somebody prayed your healing? Do you not remember the times your marriage was on the verge of ending and someone prayed for your tail to go home? Do you not remember?

Do you not remember the times you thought about suicide after leaving worship service? Do you not remember the times you acted out and did things you weren’t proud of after teaching bible study and God didn’t forsake you? Do you not remember the times you had sex and weren’t married after becoming the Sunday school superintendent and God spared you? Do you not remember the times you smoked that blunt after you became bishop and God didn’t snatch the glory from you? Do you not remember the times you made afternoon lunch breaks at the hotel and it wasn’t with your wife/husband after your title of pastor and God forgave you? Do you not remember or have you forgotten because you’re so holy now? But weren’t you the one praying for forgiveness just this morning? I’m only asking because I could have sworn there is no one perfect on earth even if you think you are. So before you set out to condemn folk, search yourself. You’re supposed to love the hell out of folk instead of finding them guilty by your standards. I’m so glad God doesn’t do us like man does. Because if it were up to man, a lot of us wouldn’t be saved. This is why I thank you God for looking beyond our faults, struggles and flaws, for finding us worthy when man says we’re worthless and for not picking and choosing when to love us! Because I remember the times I fell and you picked me up. I remember the times I was wrapped in iniquity and you cut me out. I remember the time you cleaned up my record and my name. This is why I have no place or power to judge. What about you?