Daily Devotional – 4/22/16 “Whining and complaining?”

Trust God

Look, you ought to be at a point in your life where whining and complaining are no longer a choice for you or at best it should be minimal. Yes, I know things are going to happen but whining tho? When has whining and complaining gotten you anything worthy? When has throwing yourself a pity party ever resulted in something good? When has blaming folk ever paid off for you? When has making God the cause of your problems worked out in your favor? I get it, you see more bills than money, more sickness than healing, more death than deliverance, more killings than kindness, more situations than solutions, more problems than patience and more things than time but complaining won’t solve them. While you see an issue, God is giving you an instance to actually interpret His involvement as influenced instruction. See, God won’t ever allow you to go in a test without first giving you the directions of how to come out. God will not send you into a storm without the strength you need to soon come out. God won’t let you deal with defeat without having a plan for your deliverance afterwards. This is why you’ve got to get out of the comfortable state of whining and complaining.

Yes, I know you’ve gotten good at it but it’s meaning you no good. Yes, I know nobody tells you that you’re doing too much but let me be the first … you’re doing the most, chile! Stop focusing on the door that closed, you’re missing the one that’s opening. Stop being concerned about the folk who’ve left when God is sending you a group of folk to push you into your next level. Stop leaning on your past, you’re missing your present. Stop worrying about the few things that didn’t work when there are numerous ones that do. Stop looking at what you lost when God specializes in restoration. Quit looking at the start and work until the test is done because you may be surprised at the outcome. All you see is the storm brewing but you’ve yet to seek the advice of the meteorologist who is never wrong. I know it looks dark but have you spoken to the man who created light? Yes, your life may be hard, at this very moment but God hasn’t left you. Stop whining! As long as you go through with God, you’ll come out with God. Your troubles are temporary, your pain shall pass, your crying will cease, your meaning will manifest and your obedience to God will become obvious. What you need to do now is, stop complaining and whining through the obstacle of life in order to see that’s God’s miracle (which is you) can overcome it all.

“Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.” –Philippians 2:14-15

Daily Devotional – 8/27/12 “What is the big deal?”

Why do we spend time on ridiculous stuff when we could take that same amount of time and focus it on something positive? I mean, we spend time fussing at our husbands and sons about putting the toilet seat down but couldn’t they fuss that we don’t put it up? Think about it. The same effort it takes you to put it down is the same effort it takes for them to put it up, so what’s the big deal? Don’t you have bigger issues than that? You fuss at your son because he doesn’t put a garbage bag in the garbage can after taking out the trash but all the effort you spent hollering you could have used half of it to put a new bag in there instead of you having to wait until he comes in to actually get the bag and put it in. I mean really? You need to learn to pick your battles because some of them aren’t worth fighting anyway! You’re all hostile because you had to wait a little bit longer to get your food at the fast food place but had you went home to cook it would have taken a lot longer, so what’s the big deal? Stop rushing and stop complaining. Didn’t you read in Philippians 2:14 that says, “Do everything without complaining or arguing?” You complain when the traffic is heavy and then you complain when someone is going too fast. You complain when you see someone texting and driving yet you do the same. You complain when the kids don’t clean up and then you complain when they don’t clean like you like it. You complain when your spouse is late picking you up and then complain when he or she is on time and you say they’re rushing you. You complain when the job offers overtime and then complain when they don’t. You complain when the doctor is taking too long and then complain when they act like they’re in a hurry. You complain about the cost of groceries and them complain when you don’t have any. Baby, make up your mind!

What is the big deal because it’s raining outside, it happens. What is the big deal because there is a wreck on the expressway, it happens? What’s the big deal because your child has an attitude today, it happens? What is the big deal because folk talked about you, it happens? There will always be things happening around you and to you; that’s called life. Stop acting like it’s such a big deal when you get caught at the red light or at a railroad crossing because it’ll happen. Stop acting like it’s a big deal when you burn your toast because it’ll happen. Focus on the good and not the bad because I can guarantee that if you make a list of the good and the bad, the good will outweigh it every time. Yea, I know you woke up with a headache (bad) but you woke up (good), in your right mind (good), with the activities of your limbs (good) and with the strength to walk on top of the dirt that could have covered your grave (good). Yea, I know the bills outweigh your money (bad) but you have a job (good) with a steady paycheck coming in (good) and benefits (good) that allows you to be able to afford the wants and needs of your life (good). Yea, I know the doctor said you have cancer (bad) but you’re living (good), they caught it early (good), you have insurance to pay for your treatments (good), family and friends to help you through it (good) and a God who heals when all else fails (good)! So see, even when things don’t look good, it’s still better than it could be. Don’t dwell on the bad, the past and even on yesterday because today is new and fresh and you’re alive to see it. Get up out of that dusty pit you’ve put yourself in and live. Get up out of that corner you’ve backed yourself in and get your joy back. Get up out of your bed of loneliness and take your happiness back. Get up out of that dark room and reclaim your life. That depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, prostate/breast cancer, arthritis, migraines, sinus pressure, heartache, tears, being unemployed, abused and misused ain’t got nothing on God! Stop complaining and start casting your cares on the Lord. Stop whining and starting winning, stop playing and start praying, stop grumbling and start gaining, stop stalling and start shouting, stop running away and start rejoicing! God doesn’t need a complainer but he needs you to complete what you’ve started. Give to God and He’ll give to you. Go for God and He’ll go for you. Stand for God and He’ll stand for you! So what if things sometimes go wrong, it won’t be the first time and it surely won’t be the last so what’s the big deal?