Daily Devotional – 10/2/15 “Don’t miss your help!”

It’s Friday and someone is still trying to figure this thang out. Yea, you thought about staging your own intervention on Wednesday but then the enemy stepped in with his blessings and you started smiling again. Oh but when you rolled over this morning, quickly realizing that you’re right back where you were; you needing to save yourself. Isn’t it something how you feel bad after the mistake but not during it? Isn’t it something how you say you’ll never do it again until it calls? Isn’t it amazing how you say you aren’t angry until you realize you’re yelling and your fists are balled up? Isn’t it something to realize you need help but it’s only after you’re by yourself? But why does it take that? Why does it take us, Saints of God, to hit the bottom before we ask for help? Why do we have to wait until we are about to pass out from starvation to accept the meal someone is offering? Why is it that as men and women of God, we are afraid to ask for the help we so desperately need?

Baby, if you have to worry about the folk around you talking about you, in your time of need; you need some more folk to hang around. If you can’t call on some folk to pray you out of some stuff, you need to reevaluate your circle. If you are concerned with how you’ll look if you happen to need encouragement instead of being the encourager, you may want to check the folk you call friends. Let me explain it this way … When you go to rehab, you are sent to a place with other folk who are trying to overcome an addiction just like you. This is because it helps to have folk around who are going through what you are or they’ve been through what you’re going through in order for you all to help one another. What the sense of going to get help from someone who don’t know about your circumstance? This is the same for somebody reading this. Stop trying to get help from folk who don’t understand your dilemma, they can’t help you. You need to be around some folk who understand and it doesn’t matter who you are or what your title is because to them you’re just friend. Don’t miss your help!

“The LORD hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:17”

Daily Devotional – 10/1/15 “Withdrawals are part of the process!”

I can assume, if you went to spiritual rehab on yesterday that you probably woke up this morning experiencing withdrawals. Yea, you’re probably second guessing your choice; wondering if you’ve made the right decision. There’s probably a few folk around you saying, “If I was you, I wouldn’t go, ain’t nothing wrong with you.” You are probably starting to feel the effects of not having your drug of choice in your system by now and you’re really on edge. You haven’t heard from him or her because you have them on block and you’re tempted, don’t do it! You haven’t smoked that blunt, you haven’t hit that pipe, you haven’t tasted that alcohol running down your throat, you haven’t cursed anybody out, you haven’t put your hands on her/him, you haven’t slept with them, you haven’t talked about nobody or you haven’t tainted nobody’s spirit; keep it that way! Oh, you do know our addictions can be anything, right? And now you’re going through withdrawals but stay in rehab, don’t leave! Yes, the enemy may be standing outside your room with the promise to give you what you need, he’s tapping on your window beckoning you to come out, he’s in range of your ear, walking around your bed, camped out by your car or sending messages through so-called friends but stay in rehab. Haven’t you figured out yet the enemy is charging you for everything he gives yet you have an opportunity to get clean and it’s free?

Beloved; the withdrawals you’re having, they’ll go away but you need to go through it because it’s cleaning out all of that mess which was once attached to your spirit. I know it doesn’t feel good and you probably look a mess, spiritually but where you see it as withdrawal; I see it as God washing out the weakness and wiping your wounds. How else can God show you your worthiness? How else can you see that you are wonderfully made? How else will you recognize the magnitude of your witness and worship? Baby, unless you stay in rehab and experience your withdrawal, you’ll never fully grasp the severity of your purpose. What are your symptoms? Well, withdrawal may cause some shaking in your spirit, it may cause you to not be able to remain still, some shouting out, uncontrollable movements with your hands and feet, it may even cause tears to flow but it’s all part of the process. Stay in rehab! How long will you be there? It’s on a case by case basis but you’ll know when you’re clean because nothing will look or taste the same as it did before!