Daily Devotional – 9/27/17 “S.H.I.T HAPPENS!”

S.H.I.T HAPPENS! Yes, this is a Christian devotional and some of you are shocked by the word but baby, Struggle, Hurt, Infirmities and Turmoil (SHIT) happens. What now? Now that S.H.I.T has shown up at your home, what now? Yes, I get it. That failed relationship left you fearful, that divorce devastated you and that sickness suffered you. What now? The abuse left you afflicted, the times you fell left you limping, the mornings you cried left you closed off and the sleepless nights left you stumbling. What now? You still haven’t let go of the fact, you lost things. Why not? You still haven’t recovered from the repossession/foreclosure. Why not? You still get mad when you remember being turned down. Why? Why are still counting the losses instead of rejoicing for the wins? Why are you still standing at the closed door when God has the ability to give you the entire building? Why are worried whether the bank will give you a loan when God has the power to give you every dollar you need? Where is your faith? And where is your strength to flush the S.H.I.T?

Haven’t you realized by now that sulking in your sunken place, being pacified in your pit, accepting your victimology in the valley won’t help? Baby, you’ve got to get up and come out. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it hurts a lot. Yes, it hurts a lot of the time but you’ve got to press through. If not, you run the risk of sitting in your S.H.I.T, being stinky and dirty. Please understand, it is ultimately your choice because it is only when you get tired of being filthy that you’ll get up and clean yourself off. Baby, it’s not just you, stuff happens to all of us. This is why the bible says Psalm 34:19, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all.” Yes, we are afflicted BUT God will deliver us. Yes, we suffer but God will deliver us. Yes, we face turmoil but God will deliver us. No, I don’t know when but I trust He will. I don’t know how but I believe He will. However, you cannot give up before it happens. Today, you have to choose what happens after the S.H.I.T happens. What will you do? Choose wisely because it may be a while before the choice to choose comes again.