Daily Devotional – 6/12/18 “Stand firm in faith!”

Look, I know you are hard pressed when the enemy has deliberately disrupted your day but that is his job. You have to understand something. When you pray for God to open doors and He does, the enemy opens distractions. When you pray for God to enlarge your territory and He does, the enemy sends termites (folk to feed on your prosperity) to eat away the structure. When you pray for a harvest and it happens, the enemy sends weeds to choke out your fruit. IT IS HIS JOB! This is why it is important to eat, digest and regurgitate God’s word because bible says in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Devour means eat hungrily or quickly, consume destructively or be totally absorbed by an unpleasant feeling. Baby, the enemy does not show up to play with you, he comes to slay you. Want to know how you can survive without being devoured. Stop entertaining him when he shows up. In other words, stop dabbling in mess. Stop trying the quick fix schemes. Stop falling for the smooth talk. Resist the urge to go back to what used to make you feel good and fight the feeling to reply to that text. For 1 Peter 5:9 continues and it says, “But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world.”

BUT RESIST HIM, FIRM IN YOUR FAITH! What does this mean? It means, although I can’t see it, I will faith it until it happens. Even though it doesn’t make sense right now, I’ll faith it until I understand. Yea, I might be lonely but I’ll lay in my faith until God sends me who is mine. I want to get even but I’ll let faith do the fighting. I can’t see how I’m going to make it but I got faith so it has to work on my behalf. Sickness getting worse but my faith tells me God is a healer. Folk praying for my downfall but my faith tells me, God rewards those who diligently seek Him so when I want to succumb, I’ll submit to God instead. When I want to surrender, I’ll stand tall in faith knowing whatever God has for me, is for me and no man or enemy can keep me from it. Therefore, I rejoice in knowing I must endure tribulation before I can enter the kingdom of God. Beloved, your work is not in vain. All I need you to do is stay the course because in due time you’ll hear, all clear for takeoff. In the meantime, before you take flight; prepare for the turbulence so you will not be caught off guard.

Daily Devotional – 3/30/16 “Resist!”


Have you ever had someone who continually calls you even after the relationship is over? Ever had someone to constantly show up at your house even after you’ve put them out and changed the locks? Ever had folks to consistently bring up the mistakes of your past even though you’re not that person anymore? Folk all in your inbox trying to get your respond, just once! Have you ever been there? Well my brothers and my sisters; this is the same way the enemy works. Yes, you broke it off with him but he’s still calling, only from different numbers hoping today will be the day you’re going through something and will answer. He knows it’s over but he still shows up in the hopes you’re in the midst of a rough patch and will open the door. Yea, he tells you all the things y’all used to do, saying stuff like; “You remember when I used to,” or “You know you liked how I made you feel.” He’ll ask stuff like, “You still got that stuff I bought you?” “You still like to drink ..?” “You still go to club ..?” “You still friends with ..?” All the things he knows will jog your memory on what you used to have with him, hoping it’ll make you let him in. Sending, “Hey,” hoping this moment you’ll reply back. Oh, he even has you thinking that if you let him now, it’ll only be for this time and he’ll leave again. You know, a one night stand.

Well baby, the enemy doesn’t work in one night stands; he likes lifetime commitments. Don’t fall for his lies. Yes, I know he had you fooled into thinking that nobody else could make you feel like he could but how would you know if you’ve never tried anybody else. He has you thinking nobody will take care of you like him but how would you know if you don’t give anybody else a chance. The enemy has somebody bamboozled into thinking you aren’t worthy enough to leave him but try it and see. Please understand, I am only using he but there’s some she’s in the game too. It’s still the enemy, he’s only using what he knows will get you, including her. Stop being fooled by the enemy. His job is to destroy you. His job is to make you feel good, all the time. His job is to bless you in order to keep you out of the realm of God’s blessings and some of us fall victim to him DAILY! Stop! Stop replying to the texts, stop answering the phone and the door, stop getting caught up in the sob stories and stop allowing your flesh to fail you. You’ve got to make it up in your mind that you will resist the enemy. Stop falling for the same tricks that he knows will get you. He knows what you like and he’ll surround you with it every day until you give in but the bible says in Ephesians 4:27, “do not give the devil a foothold,” for James 4:7 says, “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” God doesn’t tempt us, the enemy does. God will only test us and it is up to us to pass.