Daily Devotional – 6/29/18 “Tame your tongue!”

On my ride to work, I pass this church whose sign I usually look at to see their weekly message. This morning, it says, “Only speak if you make the silence better,” or something close. Anyway, this statement is the absolute truth. I have said it before and I will said it again, if the words you speak are not spoken to help, encourage or push someone in the right direction, HUSH. See, your mouth has the ability to speak criticism, counsel, calmness, cheer, comfort and compassion. But that same mouth can also callously communicate complaints, commotion, calamity, captivity, carnality and condemnation. What are you speaking? If your words do not make the silence better, swallow them. Do you understand the power of your tongue? Bible shares in James 3:6, “And the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body. It can set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself.” I find it quite strange yet peculiar that there is one muscle in our entire body that can ruin our lives, if it’s not properly controlled. Can we really tame it though? When the bible continues in James 3:7-8 saying, “People can tame all kinds of animals, birds, reptiles, and fish but no one can tame the tongue. It is restless and evil, full of deadly poison.”

However, to answer my own question, YES! Yes, we can tame our tongue for tame is defined as willing to cooperate. So, we definitely can. We can tame it the same way we tame the parts of our body we don’t like with spanx, compression garments, girdles, extra shirts and waist trainers. Yep, we can tame it the same way we tame our hair, on bad hair days. Certainly, we can tame it the same way we tame our actions when we’re on other folk’s job. Sure can, we can tame it the same way you tame your speed when you see a police car. It can be tamed, if we want it to be. How do I know? Go in the same room with your grandma and see if you don’t. You have the ability to tame your tongue, if you wanted to so stop being quick to spout off advice, if nobody asked for it. Stop inserting yourself into conversations you were not invited. Stop being the one to always tell people how they should control their house, even if yours is in good standing, if they didn’t inquire on how you did it. Stop telling people how to control their children, if they didn’t seek your advice. In other words, tame your tongue. Why? Because bible says in Proverbs 21:23, “Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.”

Daily Devotional – 8/3/16, “How’s your lip service?”

As long as you have your mouth (voice), you have the ability to cast out demons, destroy the enemy’s plans and deliver and set God’s people (and yourself) free from bondage. As long as your voice can be heard, you have the ability to send the enemy on his way. As long as you open up your mouth, you have the capability of sending praises up to God. As long as you use praise with your mouth, the Holy Spirit will inhabit your praise. See, praise isn’t clapping your hands but it’s opening your mouth. Yes, shouting is good but a praise offering to God by way of your mouth is even better. The bible says in Hebrews 13:15, “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise–the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.” Beloved, every chance we get we ought to offer up lip service to God, thanking Him for all the things He’s done, what He’s doing and then thanking Him in advance for what He’s about to do. We ought to say like Psalm 119:108, “Accept, LORD, the willing praise of my mouth, and teach me your laws.”

We have to get to a point in our natural lives that praise shall continually be on our lips. Because when praise is on our lips, nothing bad shall be able to get in. See, when our mouth is filled with praise, we don’t have room to eat gossip. When our mouth is filled with the goodness of God, we don’t have the time to speak ill over anybody else. This is why you have to be careful what you put in your mouth because then it can taint what comes out. It’s like eating garlic or onions. If you don’t clean your mouth before you speak, the next words that come out will be overshadowed with the smell of garlic/onion. It’s the same with speaking bad. If you don’t clean your mouth, the bad can overshadow the good and then your lip service won’t be any good to God nor your body. This is why it says in Proverbs 10:31, “The mouth of the godly person gives wise advice, but the tongue that deceives will be cut off,” or Psalm 37:30, “The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom, and their tongues speak what is just.” As children of God, we’ve got to be mindful of the lip service we give to God and to His people because it can either destroy or deliver. This is why we have to get to a place where we say like Psalm 49:3, “My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the meditation of my heart will give you understanding.” So I’ll ask you the question, “How’s your lip service?

Lip service