Daily Devotional – 6/4/19 “Deliver Me!”

You ask God to remove your enemies then suddenly, things begin to happen in your life. The taste, in your mouth, changes. You don’t have the desire to do what you normally do. You don’t see things as you normally did. You begin to go through some stuff and you can’t understand it. Here’s the thing … sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy and this means, God must deliver us from us. Sounds crazy but the reality is; we can delay, damage, distract, devalue and despise ourselves to the point that we become enemies to self. It can get so bad that we will self-sabotage our own dreams out of fear of succeeding. It can get so out of control that we’ll hurt ourselves to keep someone else from doing it. This is the reason relationships don’t work, why you will not step out on faith or why you will not tap into the purpose on your life. You’re afraid of failing because you’ve started believing what folk said about you or you’re looking through the eyes of shame and sin and have made yourself believe the voices. Beloved, this is what I want you to do. Right now, instead of praying for anybody else, pray for self. At this very moment, I need you to make this thang personal and be selfish, if only for three minutes. You can go back to praying for others, in a minute but for now, I need you to tell God two words … DELIVER ME! See, it’s time you got free from self and it’ll come by way of you telling God these two words … DELIVER ME! There’s a song by Donald Lawrence and LeAndria Johnson called Deliver Me. The very first line, in the lyrics of this song, will be the thing that breaks a few of you today. Breaking by way of freeing you because let’s face it; you are your problem. Are you ready? It says, “Lord, deliver me cause all I seem to do is hurt me.”

How many of you are tired of hurting yourself? How many of you are tired of beating yourself up for choosing the wrong man/woman who turned out to be a monster? How many of you are tired of going into that secret stash of pills just to make it through the day? How many of you are tired of lying with man after man or woman after woman, trying to validate your self-esteem? How many of you are sick of being chased by your past? How many of you are fed up with being enemy to self? Then it’s time beloved. It’s time for you to declare, LORD, DELIVER ME cause all I seem to do is hurt me. Lord, deliver me from my overthinking and undervaluing. Lord, deliver me from unforgiveness and anger. Deliver me, Lord. Understand, the deliverance from you will not be easy because God will have to remove, stretch, pull, release and restore the parts of us, we’ve destroyed. It’s going to be painful, you may have to be yourself for a season, you may have to go through the wilderness and lose some folk but after the deliverance comes discharge and with discharge, your record is expunged and your best days are now at hand.

Daily Devotional – 7/24/14 “You’re built to bounce back!”

After the change, after you’ve been knocked down, after you’ve failed, after you’ve fallen, after you thought about getting up, after the woe is me party and after the why me Lord crying fit; get up! Yes, it’s simple – GET UP! See, we are designed with something on the inside of us to bounce back. Do you remember the game at the fair, the one you throw the ball at the doll or the bowling pins to knock them down yet every time you hit it, it just falls over and bounce back up? Well, that’s the same thing we have built into us. Yes, this thing, this God made mechanism allows us to be pushed back but not broken. It allows us to fall but we do so without fault so we can get back up and try again. Baby, this mechanism is so good that every time the enemy hits us with the hell they throw it only makes us leans but then we pop back up! Yea, we have to go through the battle yet we come out without a bruise. We have to go through the fire yet we don’t get burned. We have to sometimes go through losing folk yet we don’t lose our mind. We even have to sometimes go without but that’s only to strengthen your witness.

Don’t you know that we can’t be defeated by the hands of our enemy when God has already bought the fight? All you have to do is simply go the rounds. You don’t have to throw the fight because God has already paid for the outcome. So what if it seems like the enemy is winning, it ain’t over yet. I know you might be breathing hard, you might be holding on to the rope hoping someone throws in the towel but can’t you see your trainer over in your corner telling you to keep going? Can’t you see your trainer over in your corner telling you He’s got your back? So what if you’re tired, don’t you see your trainer over in your corner beckoning for you to come and get the water He has for you and not just any water but living water! For my bible tells me in Psalm 144:1-2, “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle. He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me.” So tell me again the concerns you have? Look over in your corner and see your trainer who has never lost a fight. Look over in your corner and see your trainer who has never given up. His resume says in Psalm 18:2, “The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.” So, you’re worried why?

Child of God, it doesn’t matter about the naysayers in the crowd, listen to your trainer. It doesn’t matter about your opponent, listen to your trainer. It doesn’t even matter about those so called friends who are yelling for you to quit, listen to your trainer. Stop worrying about the blows your body and heart might take because although it stings, it’ll only last the amount of time you allow it too. Stop worrying about the scars, they’ll heal. Stop worrying about the hurt, it’ll heal. And stop worrying about the tears, they are just liquid prayers. Yes, you may wobble; yes you may lean, yes you may even fall yet trust your trainer to lead you to victory after the fight because you’ve been built to bounce back!