Daily Devotional – 7/13/17 “My choice!”

I recently started back on the journey of getting healthier. My husband and I joined an athletic center near the house and I am proud to say, we have been 4 consecutive days. Along with working out, I have also changed my eating habits. Today, for lunch, I walked with two of my coworkers to the cafeteria. I had already made up my mind saying I was getting grill chicken on a spinach wrap. We get there and the station that makes the sandwiches also makes pizza. My two coworkers order pizza with every meat available, some vegetables and covered in cheese. Really?? Baby, when I tell you it looked so good. But I held my own and I ordered my spinach, chicken wrap. What am I getting at? Your choices don’t have to be like those around you. You have a choice. Yes, I could have given in and ordered that good looking pizza but then I would have been mad at myself later on because it was my choice. And although, I was with them and they ordered pizza, it didn’t mean I had to. And guess what, we didn’t stop being coworkers because I ordered something different from the menu. It meant they made their choice and I made mine.

Look, you cannot keep using the excuse, “they made me do it.” My grandmother used to ask us, before the punishment, if everybody jump off a cliff are you going to jump too? Well, are you? At some point, you have to be alright with being different, doing things differently, answering questions differently or even asking questions differently. It does not mean you are better than anybody, it just means you are your own person who can make your own choices. Beloved, your destiny depends on you standing out from the in crowd. Your faith depends on you being able to know the difference between right and wrong. Your salvation depends on you being strong enough to make your own decision. You have a choice. This is why the bible says in Psalm 1:1-2, “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.” Besides, I got enough stuff to repent for, on my own, without you helping me. We are good and I love you with that agape love but it does not mean I have to agree with your every choice nor does it mean I have to go along with everything you do. It’s my choice.

Daily Devotional – 4/28/17 “To follow or not..”

One of the coolest features I like about Facebook is the unfollow feature. It is one that allows you to stop seeing people’s post without unfriending them. Alright, you may not say it but let us be honest for a moment. There are some folk who post A LOT, some who post foolishness and some whose beliefs I may not agree with so I unfollow them. It doesn’t mean our friendship or familyship (not a real word but you get it) is severed, it is just my way of “unfollowing” their stuff. Because whether you want to believe it or not, following some stuff and/or some people can get you caught up, put you in your feelings, make you want to express ‘your’ thoughts and even, sometimes, have you doubting what you believe. This is especially true when you blindly follow or when you like someone, so much, you believe everything he/she says, does and post. And with so many false teachers and the easy access of the internet, a lot of our thoughts can be jacked up by the stuff and/or people we choose to follow.

For example … say you’re following someone. You don’t question them when they tell you, they know the way because you’ve friended them and you trust them. You’ve been following them for some time and then you look up and realize, you’ve been going the wrong way the entire time. Now, you have to turn around and go back the wrong way just to start over going the right way. How much time have you wasted? To take it even further, let us say you’ve been following someone, blindly, spiritually. How much time have you lost? This is what I mean when I say, there is some stuff and/or people you need to unfollow. It does not mean you un-love or unlike the person but their thoughts are not your thoughts and their ways are not your ways. Stop blindly following. Even when it comes to this devotional, I expect you to study God’s word for yourself because although God has anointed me, I don’t know it all and I would be fooling you and myself if I said I did. Beloved, if you take nothing else from this post, get this, be mindful of who and/or what you follow. That’s all.