Daily Devotional – 10/27/17 “Authorized personnel only!”

During annual healthcare enrollment, here at work, there is a wellbeing survey that can be taken to have extra money added to the HRA account. Each spouse can do it, independently. I’ve completed mine but my husband’s account has to be reset so I called. Unfortunately, the rep said, we will need to speak with him and he can add you as an authorized user. As I prepared to send him a text with all the information, my thoughts shifted and I began thinking … how many folks are making changes to your life and they aren’t even authorized users? Think about it for a moment and honestly ask yourself this question because you may just have to face a harsh reality. Yes, I know they make you feel good but are they worthy of authorization? Yes, they can slide you a few bucks to get your hair done but are they worthy of holding a position of authority? Yes, the times they do show up, they show up but can they handle the responsibility of being an authorized user?

Look, if you don’t trust them enough to give them access to the Regions, AT&T or Comcast account neither will they be called in the case of emergency, why in the ‘hello’ are they privy to your stuff? Beloved, you have to stop giving temporary folk, permanent folk privileges. And you have to stop giving folk the power of authority when all they are capable of handling is the job of consulting. You do realize consultants have a contract that comes to an end, right? What I am saying is this, be mindful of those who’ve you listed as authorized users on your account of life because they may just make changes you are not ready for or can handle. As a matter of fact, they may even make changes they had no business and/or sound mind to be making in the first place. This is why you may have to tell folk, “This is a restricted area only accessible by authorized personnel,” because the bible says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” – Proverbs 4:23

Daily Devotional “11/22/16 – Clean your mess!”

Why are you constantly staring at the mess you’ve made? Why are you still walking around that pile of garbage like it’s going to take itself out? When are you going to get up and clean your house? Aren’t you tired of the stench? Aren’t you tired of walking around the junk? Are you not tired of moving stuff from one place to the other and still having no room? Then will when you get up, dry the tears and clean up? Please understand, I am not talking about actual garbage but I’m speaking in regards to the stuff you’ve allowed to taint you inwardly. See, you’ve allowed the hurt of your last relationship to stink up your heart and you’re wondering why no one would dare get close. You’ve allowed the loss of your job to jack up your attitude and now you can’t understand why no one will hire you. You’re still moving baggage from your last three relationships into your new one yet you’re having a hard time figuring out why it won’t work. You left your last church mad at the pastor and now you can’t stand any of them. And you’re allowing your past to hold you hostage in your present.

Baby, it’s time to clean up your mess. Yea! It’s time you stop crying over the spilled milk of stale memories and clean it up. It’s time you stop walking pass the garbage bag of guilt, throw it out. Open the closet and bring out those suitcases of suffering, it’s time to throw them out. That closet of chaos that’s holding the memories of past mistakes, throw them out. Those old text, dm’s and inbox messages; delete them. Those pictures, erase them. Stop stalking his/her page. Stop friending everybody he/she dates. Stop showing up at his/her church. It’s time to clean up. You stink! Baby, you stank! Have you seen the Febreze commercials that say, “You smell this but your friends smell this?” This the same way with you because you’ve become attached to the mess so you no longer smell that it stinks but it does. This is why you need to get up and cleanup!

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” – Proverbs 4:23