Daily Devotional – 10/15/18 “Integrity”

God’s assignment for your life will never come with a compromise to your integrity. I don’t care how well the position pays, I don’t care how many times you’ll get to preach, play your musical instrument or share the stage. I don’t care how good you look on the front of somebody’s flyer neither do I care about the business cards with your name spelled correctly, how fly the office is or the amount of time you’ll travel … being in God will never come with you selling out who you are. Your integrity is the inner workings of you and if it can be bought, sold, transferred and negotiated; you need to have a talk with self. Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Bible shares in Proverbs 10:9, “He who walks in integrity walks securely, But he who perverts his ways will be found out.” Let’s break this down.

“He who walks in integrity walks securely” … When you walk in honesty, there is nothing folk can hold over your head. In other words, when you live with nothing to hide, you don’t have to hide. See, when I carry myself the way I portray to be, I don’t worry about you running a background check because I know what it’ll show. When I walk in integrity, you can talk about me and it doesn’t bother me because I know the truth of my story. When I walk in integrity, you can tell lies and the people who know me will not believe them. When I walk in integrity, I have no anxiety when I’m cast into the light and can sleep peacefully at night. “But he who perverts his ways will be found out” … Perverts means to misrepresent. So, this is saying, when you twist, bend and distort the truth; you will be found out. When you lie on your job application and/or resume, it’ll be found out. When you misrepresent yourself, it will be found out and you run the risk of always being worried if/when it’ll happen.

Who wants to live like this? Always having to look over your shoulder. Always being nervous when you are called in the office, wondering if this time will be the moment you get fired from your job. Always anxious because you’re wondering if today is the day folk will find out you lied when you testified or you aren’t the person you “post” to be on social media. Who wants to live like this when bible says in Proverbs 11:3 “The integrity of the upright will guide them, But the crookedness of the treacherous will destroy them?” Beloved, just be you and allow people to decide if they can handle it or not but never, ever compromise your integrity to fit in because you might get in and realize you don’t like it.


Daily Devotional – 12/13/16 “Character reference!”

In Luke 10, Jesus gives a parable of a ‘good’ Samaritan who stopped to help a man in need. A man who had been robbed of all he had and then beaten. A man who laid helpless on the road yet no one offered to help. A man who others had passed by because they “didn’t want to get involved.” You know how we do. We don’t want to get into people’s business so we allow them to lay in their mess. We don’t want to get involved so we walk pass people who are dying in front of us. We don’t want to get tangled into their lives so we turn our heads when we see their need. I’m not going to go deep into this particular scripture, now, but if you read the passage you’ll notice that it didn’t give the identity of the man just that he was going from Jerusalem to Jericho, which leads me to believe He is a Jew. This is important. The bible goes on to identify that a priest and a Levite man both passed by this distressed man without lifting a hand in need.

Yet, here comes this Samaritan who takes pity on the man. A Samaritan who didn’t fool with the Jews because the Jews didn’t mess with them. However, he goes out of his way to bandage this man’s wounds, puts him on a donkey, takes him to a nearby inn and then pays for him to stay there until he gets well. A Samaritan who by culture wasn’t fitting to even eat with. Oh but I’ve come to understand this … Helping someone isn’t about the condition or circumstance of the person in need but it’s really about the character of you whose doing the helping. This is why God will allow things to fall in front of you. God needs to test your character to see if you’re really about this life! God needs to know if you’ll really help, like you claim. God needs to see if you’ll go like you say you will. Beloved, God is simply checking to see if there’s a fire, within you, or if it’s all smoke. This is why, when it comes to helping, it is about you! God can heal, deliver, provide and set free without you but He’ll use you to manifest things simply to see if your character is worthy.