Daily Devotional – 7/30/18 “Preparation!”

Some years ago, I was angry at God. I was upset and in a place of not understanding Him. I could not understand why He wasn’t listening, why He wasn’t answering my prayers and why He wasn’t giving me the things He knew I desperately needed. Night after night and day after day, while I renewed check advances and paid on title loans, juggled bill after bill, trying to feed my family, keep gas in the car and maintain my sanity; I prayed for help. Just a little help, God; is what I would pray. Do you know what He did? He sent help but not in the way I wanted it. Yet, He sustained us. Sure, we struggled but we survived. We never went hungry, was never homeless, lights were never off and car was never repossessed but I was still angry. How could God allow His children to suffer this way? Then I realized, it wasn’t to suffer us. The fact is, we weren’t ready then for the things we have now. Listen to me. Four years ago when I accepted my calling and stopped running from God, when I began to have a relationship with God instead of just Sunday morning quickies and when I gave Him all of me; my (our) life changed. We went from struggling to surviving with the same checks being deposited. We went from paying every bill late to paying none late. In other words, God gave us what we needed when He knew we were ready. I have shared this before but I need to remind somebody today.

God isn’t ignoring you but He’s intentionally being silent while He prepares your next and you’ll get it when you are ready. Come here Joseph. He was 17 when things shifted in his life and although he carried the anointing of God, he was still 17. What do I mean? Joseph was the favorite of his daddy which means he was spoiled. He stayed snitching on his brothers and more than likely mocked them when they got in trouble. Sure, he had visions but we can probably surmise how Joseph told what he’d seen. He was 17, bratty and unshaped. He was anointed but he wasn’t ready for the weight of the oil. This is why God allowed him to go through all he did because by the time he was promoted to the platform God had for him, he’d been strengthened by his suffering. This is why he could run Egypt when the time came. And just maybe, God isn’t allowing what you think you’re ready for because He needs to prepare you for what’s to come. I know you’re ready to be financially secure, married, a mother or father, promoted on your job, pastor of a worship center, lender and not borrower and the head and not the tail but are you strong enough for it? Is your flesh ready to handle what comes with the responsibilities of leader? Are you truly ready for all that comes with what you’re praying for? If not, wait, even when it is painful, be patient until your platform of promotion is prepared.

Daily Devotional – 11/29/17 “Process of preparation!”

Somebody woke up this morning contemplating doing some things you wouldn’t normally do. Times have gotten so hard, you don’t know if you are coming or going. You’ve tried to make sense of it but you cannot. And it seems the more you try, the more broken you feel. Marriage isn’t going right, child acting out, sickness will not let you go, death angel showed up, bills behind, coworkers trying you and you are one word away from snapping. It feels like you’re losing your mind. Well beloved, I showed up on your timeline, your phone, computer or email to tell you; breaking is part of the process and it sometimes come after everything seemed to finally settle in place. Why? It’s part of the process of preparation. See, in the bible, whenever Jesus prepared to bless a hungry multitude, bible says, “When he had given thanks, he broke it.” You don’t have to believe me but it’s in 1 Corinthians 11:24, Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22, Luke 22:19 (the last supper), Matthew 14:19 (when He fed the 5000+) and Matthew 15:36 (when He fed the 4000). Do you see what is happening? God is preparing you. First, He blesses you, then He breaks you and finally He uses you. Breaking is part of the process of preparation.

I don’t know what you are being prepared for but I can surmise that it’s about to bless a multitude of folk but you’ll have to make it pass the breaking. Yeah, God is preparing you for the masses but you have to endure the breaking. God is about to utilize the gift He placed in your belly but you have to tolerate the breaking. Okay, you’ve lost some stuff, some relationships have ended, you’ve received some declines, invitations have stopped and your phone is no longer ringing but it is part of the process of preparation. And God only puts you through the process of preparation in order for you to then profit off the pieces left over. Because there is a profit coming but you have to suffer the breaking. How do I know? The bible tells me so in Matthew 14:20, “And they all ate and were satisfied. And they took up twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over.” Twelve (12), God’s power and authority, perfect number and completeness. So you see, you cannot give up because withstanding the breaking gets you a prosperous return on the process.