Daily Devotional – 8/12/14 “Prayer for understanding”

Our Father, in Heaven, Holy is your name; your kingdom come; God may your will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. Give us, today, God, the daily bread we need and forgive us of our trespasses and then forgive those who trespass against us. God, open our eyes so that we don’t walk into temptations and then oh God deliver us from the evil that so easily surround us daily. God as I stand before your throne petitioning you once again for prayer I have to first thank you. Thank you, God, for trusting me one more time with your anointing, with your word, with your grace and with your gift. God, I must thank you for choosing me to wake this morning, thank you for allowing me to rise to find no link missing from my family chain. Thank you father that you everything I laid down with on last night was still in the same place when I got up this morning. Now, God I come this morning praying, not only for me but for anyone reading or hearing this as I come praying for understanding. Understanding for whatever situation, circumstance, condition, disease, job, marriage, relationship, ministry, finance, sexuality, depression, addiction, sickness, hurt, pain, church, choice, decision, answer, loan, house, car, position, location, form, state, paper, topic, book, paragraph, letter or whatever it is they stand in need of. I am praying today oh God for understanding big or small for whatever we have to face. I am praying for understanding today God for the child who is confused in class and afraid to ask for help. God, I am praying for understanding for the adult who is on their job and ashamed to reach out for assistance. I am praying for the elderly man or woman who doesn’t understand what the doctor is saying to them. I am praying for the children who are being bullied for not understanding, send them someone who cares. I am praying for the lost souls who don’t understand the word of God, send more folk who don’t mind sharing and explaining your word. Oh God, I come to your throne today; praying that you continue to fill me with understanding so that I can continue to be a vessel of your word. God, somebody reading this needs your understanding today regarding a part of their life that is filled with confusion; clear their mind so that they understand. Do it like only you can God. Give them understanding so they stop wandering helplessly alone and find favor in you. I know you can and I believe you will. This prayer I submit to you as if it is already done. Amen.