Daily Devotional – 5/1/14 “Life!”

On last night, I was woken up twice and when this happens, I know that it’s God dropping something into my spirit and each time I prayed yet He said nothing making me realize that He was simply dropping by to let me know He’s here. See, I’ve realized that even if I never mumble a word, God still listens to my heart and just maybe my heart has been crying out on my behalf to feel God and He showed up. Listen, I don’t know why God placed this calling over my life but I am grateful. I don’t know why you all take a moment, each day, to read the words I put together but I am grateful. I don’t even know what tomorrow holds but I’ll thank God for whatever it is in advance (tomorrow being my birthday). I’ve come to know that even when we are scrapping to make it to the next payday, God has already provided a way. When we dwell on the sickness that’s in our body, God has already worked out a healing plan. When our path is dark, all we have to do is keep walking because God designed the path. Yea, God is the brain of this body and all we have to do is trust Him and then follow His lead. I know that I shared a prayer on yesterday but on this national day of prayer, I just thought I’d pray for life today.

Our Father in Heaven, holy is thy name, giver and taker of life, alpha and omega of all things, my provider and my comforter; I petition your throne praying for life. God, I am not praying for just my life but for the life of your people. Lord, we’re in a dying world and we need your help. Our children aren’t making it to see adulthood and adults are making it to the promised time that you’ve given. Life is being snatched away and we need you. Folks aren’t living anymore because they’ve become afraid of the world. Folks aren’t living anymore because the storm of life has them hiding inside. Folks aren’t living anymore because they’ve deemed living hard; oh God we need you and on today I pray, to you, God because you’re the only one who can help us. Send your Holy Spirit to abide in your people so that they live like you would have them to live. Touch all those who stand up in your name so that they reach your people to teach them more. Go through our worship places and clean out the mess so that we can hear your message. Go through the hearts of your people and remove anything that is hindering them from living. Lord, revive us, renew us and restore back unto us life. Restore back unto us the life you’ve meant for us, the life you’ve already promised. Lord, I know you will. This prayer I submit to you, Amen.

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” Psalm 16:11

Daily Devotional – 3/22/13 “Prayer for life!”

Our Father in Heaven,

As I petition your throne this morning I must first thank you. Thank you, God, for breathing life into my body so that I may see this new day. Thank you, God, for giving me a reasonable portion of health, for renewing my strength, for regulating my wandering mind, for uplifting my soul and for refreshing my spirit. Thank you for not treating me like I sometimes treat you and thank you for continuing to forgive the sins I sometimes repent for over and over again. Oh God, I just thank you even for the hell I sometimes go through, the setbacks that don’t take me out, the temptations that don’t ruin my life, the enemies that mean me no good, the sickness that tries to weaken me, the doors that have been closed in my face, the no I sometimes hear and even the obstacles that I have to climb over. Thank you for the bad times because they make me appreciate the good times. Thank you for the good times because they make me strong enough to endure the bad times. Now, God, I need you to touch the person reading this. I don’t know what is going on in their lives but I don’t have to in order to pray for them so I ask that whatever is ailing them, give them the strength and the courage to get through it. For the person struggling with their marriage, help them today. For the person dealing with grief over the death of a love one, comfort them today. For the person whose account is still in the negative even on payday, provide for them today. For the person whose body is racking with pain, heal them on today. For the drug abuser and alcoholic, deliver them on today. For the person who is in an abusive relationship, set them free today. For the person sitting at the bedside of a sick relative, speak to them on today and let them know they are not alone. For the person who cried all last night, dry their tears today. For the person who paced the floor due to heartache, mend their broken heart today. For the sinner who has yet to repent for their bad ways, cover them today. For the backslider who feels too ashamed to come back to you, whisper in their ear that your arms are still open to welcome them back. For the person who is angry over things of the past, release those demons today. For the person waiting on a heart, liver, kidney or whatever kind of transplant they need to live on, be all they need until it’s their healing time. For the child or person being bullied, surround them with your protection and then repair the heart of the one who feels the need to be the bully. For the child or person who is missing now, send them home safely. For the person lying on their bed of affliction, send their healing whether it is on this side or your side. Lord God, I need you to hear this prayer and heal, deliver, set free, release chains, open doors, rain down blessings, restore hope and increase joy. Somebody is calling on you in the midst of their storm, be their strength and light to go on. Do it God like I know you can. Do it God like I know you will. Bless right now. Heal right now. Deliver now! I know that you’re able to do it because you’ve never let me down. Thank you God, in advance, before the blessing comes and even before this prayer is answered. I believe in you and your infinite power because you’ve done it before. I submit this prayer now on the faith that you’ve given me believing that it shall be done.

In your name, I pray. Amen