Daily Devotional – 2/22/17 “What are you focused on?”

I was watching this game show the other night called ‘idiotest.’ In the game, a person is given a question like, “You have a one-dollar bill. How many sodas can you buy?” The picture shows a drink machine with grape soda $.50, diet bubble $.15 and bubble zero $.25 along with a sign that says quarters only. Your choices are 8, 2, 0 and 4. What’s your answer? If you said anything other than 0, you were incorrect. See, for some all we see is a dollar and the prices of the drinks but if you paid close attention, it said, quarters only. How many of us would have missed it? And how many of us miss things daily because we focused in on the wrong thing? Think about it. If you were thirsty and hadn’t had a drink in days and I hand you a cup that’s dirty on the outside, would you drink from it? Many of us would say no because all we are focused on is the dirt on the outside instead of seeing the clean water inside. We allowed the outside dirt, to keep us from getting the clean water we so desperately needed on the inside. Now, we’re lying in the gutter of some dry place taking shallow breathes until death shows up to put us out of misery. When all we had to do was shift our focus.

How many of us would be in the place we are if God only focused on our dirt and not the possibility of how we’d look clean? How many of us would have the testimony, right now today, of “Had it not been for the Lord, on my side” or even “He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs?” Anybody else besides me? See, had it not been for God whose focus was on my potential and not my past, I’d still be lost. Had it not been for God focusing on our restoration instead of our scars; we’d still be raggedy and not worth a nickel. Had it not been for God focusing on the probable likelihood we could be used, we’d still be jumping from bed to bed, from alcohol to drugs, from club to club and mess to mess. Yet because He didn’t focus on what we were, He saw who we could become. Because God didn’t focus on where we came from, He saw where we can go. Now, the question is, what are you focused on? Are you still trying to figure out if the glass is half empty or half full or have you realized it’s a glass that can be refilled? Are you focused on who left or has your focus shifted on who is to come? Are you focused on what you lost or have you shifted to what you’re about to be blessed with? What are you focused on?

Dear God,
Help me to regain focus on what’s really important. Open my eyes with a new way of looking and seeing. Give me strength to decipher between what’s temporary and what is permanent so that I don’t miss out. Today, God, give me wisdom to focus on the big and not the small and the good and not the bad. Today God, shift my focus to where it belongs.


Daily Devotional – 1/12/15 “Stop being a hostage!”

Stop being a hostage! Stop being held bondage by your past! Stop being held prisoner by the things you’ve allowed to happen in your life. Stop being a victim now that you’ve made it out of the crime scene. You do know that you aren’t a hostage if the person holding you doesn’t have the key to lock you down, right? So why are you still there? I said this yesterday but you do know that the enemy only uses your past because He can’t touch your present neither can he even get close to your future so why are you listening to him? Baby, all he got to use against you is your past and you’re letting that get the best of you? Haven’t you overcome any of what you used to be? Then what you used to do shouldn’t matter and who you used to be shouldn’t even sound familiar. But you’ve got to get to a point where you no longer want to be held hostage to your past. When you’re ready to get out of that holding cell, you will. When you’re ready to move pass where you used to be, you’ll find out it’s an entire path called where I can be waiting on you.

I don’t have to tell you what the enemy’s job is, you should know this already. But let me tell you this. The past doesn’t have hands to put you in bondage; you bound yourself with the thoughts of your past. All the enemy does is feed off the negative energy that is coursing through your spirit and it builds. You sit at home thinking about the mistakes you made in the past and you start dwelling on them and here comes the enemy because he’s never far and because you called him. Oh, you did. With your woe is me attitude, that’s the cry of the enemy and he comes and he comes with a vengeance. Yet the question is…what are you whining about? What is it about your past can you change now? What mistake can you go back and undo? Why are you allowing it to hold you hostage now? When will you get out of the past? When will you walk out of that prison that you’ve sentenced yourself too? Haven’t you realized that you are missing your present and that you’ve yet to even tap into your future? When you let go of the past, I mean really let go of the past and everything associated with it; then will you begin to move. Stop being a hostage to things and people who don’t have a key or the means to lock you down!

“No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. Philippians 3:13-14”