Daily Devotional – 7/26/16 “Pain hurts but it also heals!”

It’s a known fact that pain, no matter how big or small, hurts. If you don’t believe me, hit the side of the bed without a shoe on, close your finger in a door, lose a love one or go through a break up. You’ll quickly find that pain hurts. However, there’s great news … pain will also heal! Yes ma’am, yes sir; the pain subsides once healing takes place. That’s why if your heart has been broken, you’ve got to let go and heal. If you’ve been hurt in the church, you’ve got to deal with it so that you heal. If you’re grieving, deal with it so that you heal. The worst thing you can do, with pain, is act like it’s not there or that it’ll go away on its own because it won’t. This is why you have to deal with things of your past and present because it’s already affecting your future. See, when you allow past hurts to linger, it messes up your present and if you never do anything about it, it moves right into your future. That’s why, you need to deal with this stuff. It won’t, no matter how bad you wish, magically disappear. Why do you think we have so many angry children? It’s because parents are angry due to unresolved pain and that baton of pain is now being passed down from generation to generation. It has to end. Beloved, if pain would end on its own, there wouldn’t be need for pain medication, counseling and praying. You have to deal with it so that it can heal.

How do you deal with it? Simply by dealing with it. Look, if you know there are issues you can’t fix alone, seek help. If there’s a problem you can’t resolve on your own, ask for help. And please, stop allowing folk in your space that you know have hurt you and they don’t care. Why? Well because every time you see their selfish face smiling in your face, you’ll start to feel the hurt all over again. When what you should have done is snatched your power back. Tell them, ‘you hurt me but I forgive you and I won’t let you hurt me again.’ By doing this, you relinquish their hold to ever hurt you again and you also begin the healing process. Open your mouth! It’s like surgery. When you tell the doctor your problem, he/she diagnoses your case and then makes a plan to get you well, this is called healing. And with Dr. Jesus, tell Him your problem, allow Him to diagnose your case and set you on your plan of healing. Say like Jeremiah 17:14, “Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.” Understand this, it’s going to hurt but after the hurt comes healing and with healing, pain no longer resides. Healing doesn’t come overnight so you have to be faithful to God’s plan and know that He won’t leave you alone. As God says in Isaiah 41:10, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Pain hurts but it also heals!

Pain hurts

Daily Devotional – 7/26/13 “Pain hurts but it heals”

Who ever said pain doesn’t hurt lied! It’s a known fact that pain, no matter how big or small, hurts. Yet, the good part about it, it heals! Isn’t that great news? Yea, see when he dumped you and you spent those nights crying, feeling like your heart was breaking every time your phone vibrated and it wasn’t him and it felt like it would never mend; the pain hurt. Well, look at you now with your heart fixed, your mind is on loving someone, this time, who actually loves you back and treats you like the woman you are meant to be treated like and now you realized that although the pain hurt then, it’s healed now. Yea, you’ve never felt pain like the pain you felt when momma or daddy died but then as time went on, the pain started to heal and now you’re able to look at their picture without crying. That pain you feel from being lied on, it’ll heal if you let it. That pain you feel from being knocked down by folk you trusted, it’ll heal if you let it. That pain you feel from that sickness in your body, it’ll heal if you let it. That pain you feel every time you get used by that person that leaves to go home to the one they actually belong to, it’ll heal if you let it. That pain you feel from being fired from your job when you were the best worker they had, it’ll heal if you let it. That pain you feel when you see him being a daddy over there but not to yours, it’ll heal if you let it. The pain you feel from being mad at the things that happened to you in the past, it’ll heal if you let it.

How do you let it, it’s simple; LET IT GO! Folks will lie on you and use you until they use you up but it can stop, if you allow it too. Stop allowing them access to you, stop agreeing to go if you don’t want too, stop accepting what you don’t want, stop giving what you don’t have, stop running your mouth when you should be quiet, start listening more instead of tuning folk out and stop putting your heart in places you know can break it. Pain hurts but it can heal. This is why God said in Luke 17:19, “Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well.” Rise as in get up; go your way as in walk on because Faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1). That sickness, stop claiming it as your way of life because if you keep saying you’re sick then you will be sick. Claim your healing, your deliverance and your break through because Jesus tells us in Matthew 17:20, “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Stop being someone’s second, third or fourth choice because yours is out there, if you stop blocking their way to you. How do I know this? Well, my bible tells me in Genesis 2:18, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” This says, fit for him not them! Oh, that pain hurts now but it’ll heal. Stop bringing up the past, stop dwelling on that termination paper, stop looking for ways to still feel the hurt; let it go! And take note, if a boy chooses not to be a daddy to the child he fathered, there’s nothing you can do to change it. Yea, you can run down to get child support but it still doesn’t make him a dad. He can post pictures on Facebook or Instagram but it still doesn’t make him a father. Stop trying to make him into something he’s not. This is why you have to be careful who you lay down with because that girl could be your baby’s momma and that boy, your baby’s daddy. Yea, pain hurts especially when it’s new but it’ll heal if you allow the bandage to stay in place and the ample time for the healing. Healing doesn’t come overnight so yea, the pain hurts now but it’ll heal.