Daily Devotional – 12/17/15 “Dear John”

Dear John (Judgments, Obstacles, Hindrances, Nervousness),

I know you got the memo when I told your girl Jane to kick rocks yet you’re still hanging around. No, don’t act surprised by this letter, you knew your time was up too. I no longer need your constant judgment of me, they are meaningless now. Those obstacles you’ve been placing in my way, I’ve been given the GPS to go around them. Oh, you thought because I was nervous, I’d give in or if you kept being a hindrance, I’d say forget it; you were wrong, dead wrong! Your lease is up in my space. I no longer have room for you here because I’ve got new tenants moving in.

Yes, you read that right; new tenants. Their names are joy, peace, grace and mercy. No need of trying to hang around to meet them, you’re not their type; I know because you’re no longer mine. Thank you for the time spent though, it made me realize I can do so much better. I no longer worry about what others think of me. I no longer get afraid when I come to a road block. I am no longer bound by limitations of what I can’t do because I now know what I can do.

Dear John

I know you think I’ll get weak and let you back in but you’re wrong. Just like I told Jane, I’m stronger now. Why the change in my attitude? Well, while you and Jane were sleeping, I got reacquainted with an old friend. We met a long time ago but I lost touch with Him but when I called Him, He came because that’s what friends do. He doesn’t care about my past because He’s preparing my present and prepping me for my future. He didn’t ask what I’d been up to, it didn’t matter to Him. He just came when I called and He’s giving me all I need to survive. So, you can go now; I’m good.

“And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.” Romans 8:26

Daily Devotional – 11/5/11 “What’s blocking your path?”

It’s another one of God’s blessings to see this beautiful day. The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in sight. The streets are filled with folk busy about their day, barber & beauty shops filled with their normal crowds and restaurants are flowing with football fans. Most folk haven’t even stopped to tell God thank you for being on this side of the dirt. You do know it could have been the other way, right? Somebody woke up to find their spouse unresponsive this morning and wish they could have said more or just something different. Somebody said their final goodbyes on last night to loved ones they feel are gone too soon and even more are or preparing now to bury their loved one. If death hasn’t stopped by your house in a while, it will. No one is exempt from it because if you believe in God’s word then you know that you must die to live again.

Are you ready? Have you lived a life that’ll be pleasing in God’s eyes? Have you gotten your business straight and said all the things you need or want to say? Will your name be called when Jesus returns or are you just skating by? You know that you must forgive those who hate, use and abuse you? If you’re holding on to stuff because you’re too stubborn to forgive, it may just keep you from being able to live. Holding on to stress can cause heart attacks and strokes and then what will you do? It’s like being in a house of mirrors and every time you look around you’re seeing the same person. The only way to see something different is to either break the mirrors or leave the house. You do know that breaking a mirror won’t give you 7 years of bad luck the same way a black cat won’t cause you to die or have a wreck when they cross your path unless you swerve to miss him? This type of foolishness has been put into our thinking by man of the world and we are too busy to read for ourselves. If God made things here to cause us bad luck and death why would we need his word? Break the curse and move on. Momma and daddy had a grudge against the neighbors 20 years ago and now you continue it by hating their children. Baby, that’s crazy. Now you’re blocking your blessings and prayers from getting through and you probably can’t even remember how all the mess started in the first place!

If you’re already living in a hell, why would you want to die and then be destined to a eternal life in hell? Well, in a sense it’s what you’re choosing for your life when you allow folk and things to block your path to God. Imagine standing on a long road and at the end is the gate to enter into the presence of God. You’re walking but you keep running into stuff that’s knocking you off your path. Stuff like hate, malice, judging others, wishing bad on folk life, not forgiving and being envious of your brother. The good thing with God is when you get knocked off you don’t have to start all the way back over; you just get back on and start again. But if every time something happens in your life, you allow it to knock you off your feet, you’ll never make it to the gate or when you do it’ll be locked because it’s after hours. It’s like you forgetting the dress that you need for church at the cleaners and you rush to get there on Saturday but you’re too late and they are closed, now what will you do?

It’s the same way on this Christian journey. You’ve been hurt, yea I know, but it shouldn’t keep you from living. But every time you see that person your anger grows stronger and stronger, you’re getting knocked off your path. You’re jealous because you’re neighbor has a new car and you don’t so now you wish for it to be torn up or for a flat tire, you’re being knocked off you’re path. You’re upset because somebody else got the job you want and now you’re wishing for it to be the job from hell, you’re getting knocked off your path. You ought to be tired of getting kicked into the mud and having to keep a frown on your face. You should be out of breath from shouting instead of constantly running behind bushes and trees after throwing rocks. Your knees should be tired from praying and not from crawling to see into other folks yards. Your hands should be tired from helping folk instead of plunging knives into their backs. Your legs should be tired from working for the Lord instead of walking over people.

If you keep allowing yourself to be knocked off the path, you’ll never make it to your destination. At some point in your life you have to decide where you’ll spend eternity and you need to do it now. Just because you think you have time doesn’t mean you do. Ask the parents of a teenager who committed suicide after being teased, the son who thought he could make amends with momma until he got the call that she was gone or the sister who needed to say something to their brother who didn’t make it out of surgery. Time isn’t yours because you think it is. You need to remove all the obstacles that are blocking your path before your time is up because God doesn’t have time to hear excuses!