Daily Devotional – 3/2/18 “My worth is nonnegotiable!”

When you go to an auction, the auctioneer usually sets a minimum opening bid on the item being auctioned. This minimum is generally set based on a percentage of the item’s fair market value and it is fixed, meaning there is no negotiating the starting bid. This is because the auctioneer has done their research and know the value of the item being sold. Then a person can choose to bid or not, it’s totally their choice. However, their decision is based on also knowing the value of the item and whether the lowest amount the auctioneer is willing to accept, fits. Now, if people go through all of this for the sale of material things, why in the heaven are you negotiating the worth of your virtue? You do realize not knowing your worth allows a person to lowball your value, right? Think about it. A man or woman is only going to give you what you willingly accept. And get this, they can know you’re valuable but why offer to pay you like top shelf when you’re willing to accept the knock off price? You have to know your worth and stick to it, even if there is a long period of time when no one is willing to buy.

As an author, I see electronic books priced from $5.99 to $13.99 and they sell. You know why? It’s because the author isn’t willing to compromise. Either a reader buys it or they don’t. So, why are you willing to compromise your worth? It’s doesn’t matter if you are selling something materialistic or if you are looking for a relationship, STOP LOWBALLING YOUR VALUE! My friend TJ Jefferson, a marketing specialist, recently wrote a book titled “Stop Being Disrespectful by Low-balling Your Fees: A guide to pricing your service-based business within industry standards,” where she says, “We aren’t making a real profit because we are significantly under charging for the services we provide.” STOP! You’ve got to know your worth, ma’am and sir. I don’t care if it’s a hair bow made out of dollar store ribbon, know what it is worth. And you doggone sure better know who you are and the value you can add to a relationship. Have the conversations and if they aren’t willing to pay it, respectfully decline. Sure, you can have negotiations but don’t go below your minimum. I don’t know about you but I know my worth and it is nonnegotiable. What about you?