Daily Devotional – 4/16/18 “You didn’t win!”

I used to wonder, no; if I can be honest, I used to question God about folk who’ve done me wrong. I mean, how can they be prospering when they owe me? How can they be happy when they know they’ve done me and others wrong? God, how can they be receiving blessings when they know they haven’t acted accordingly? I felt some type of way but then God checked me. He asked me some questions, hard questions that hushed me. He asked, “Have you missed a meal?” “Have you not been happy?” “Have you not been blessed in spite of?” “Have you suffered because of what they didn’t do?” Then He went a little bit deeper. He asked, “How do you know I’m the one blessing them?” “How do you know if they are really prospering?” “How do you really know?” Truth is, I didn’t know but I assumed because people have become great at pretending. See, while I may see their smiles, what I don’t see is their secret suffering. While I may see their “posted” blessings, I don’t see their private pain. Yes, they look prosperous, outwardly but inwardly, they need pills to give them peace.

Understand; their suffering, pain, midnight crying sessions, doubts and etc. is not due to their misuse of me but it’s due to the abuse of God’s commandments. Furthermore, I had to understand something else; their mistreatment of me (and others) is just who they are and this is why you have to take people at face value. Yet, I have come to understand that while you thought you were hurting me; you were in fact teaching me, growing me and giving me room to be blessed. So thank you! Now, instead of questioning God or worrying about them; I thank them for the lessons. Instead of praying for their downfall, I pray for them to find what they need to treat people better. Instead of wishing them hard, I ask God to give them the best of everything because what they took from me, God gave back double. I’m not bragging, I’m simply letting them know, you didn’t win but I thank you for the lesson. For the bible tells me, in Exodus 23:22, “But if you truly obey his voice and do all that I say, then I will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries.”


Daily Devotional – 4/12/18 “Show up when I need you, pray when I don’t!”

I love the Lord, I really do. He heard my cry, pitied every groan, snatched me out my mess, kept my mind, healed my body, stood me on solid ground and all that good stuff so please don’t misinterpret what I am about to share. But look beloved, not everything can be fixed and/or resolved with just “Pray” or “I’m praying for you.” Know this, I am not talking about me in general but I need you to understand something. If I happen to have a moment on Monday and I post something that is unusual, don’t tell me to pray. Call me, talk me off the ledge and then I’ll be able to pray and/or hear you when you do. When someone is fighting mental illness and disease and you see them acting out on social media; call or message them or somebody they know and stop commenting 212 times, “I’m praying for you.” When a friend is going through, call them AND then pray. If I post, I’m cutting off folk who only call when they want something, don’t tell me to pray about it because I will, after I cut their using butts off. Let’s be real, there are some people and relationships that have to end, for your sanity and your prayer life.

Yes, I’ll pray for you but sometimes this isn’t what is needed at the moment. If I’m in pain, I need some pills then prayer. If I’m homeless, I need help and prayer. If I’m depressed, addicted, suicidal, without a job, heartbroken and etc., I am looking for assistance then prayer. Hear me well … There are some times when all folk need is prayer but this isn’t what I’m talking about. Posting, “Pray for me” is totally different from “I’m at my wit’s end and about to say f it.” But see, the real issue is, if I tell you I’m praying for you then maybe I don’t have to show up for you. I mean, I was there for you because I commented on your status on Facebook. Nawl baby. Where were you when I drove up and found all my stuff on the curb because I was being evicted? Where were you when I was hungry without a dime to my name? Where were you when I was so low in grief that I contemplated taking my life? Where were you when I was in the abusive relationship and needed somebody to support me and not judge me? Where were YOU? Oh, I got the notification of your comment but where were you? Yes, I saw you liked my Instagram post but where were you? I see you looked at my Snap Chat video but where we you? Show up sometimes because you’ll never know when your presence could be the very thing that keeps a person from losing their mind. Friend, show up when I need you but pray for me when I don’t.