Daily Devotional – 1/16/15 “Are you dependable?”

Are you dependable? Can you be counted on? When you are invited, can you be counted in the number? When something is planned, can you be penciled in? Are you reliable? Are you trustworthy? If God had to pick someone to be tested, could He choose you? Would your faith withstand the test? Would you be like Job and make it through? Even after friends walk off after a few days, would you stay? When your family can no longer hang in there with you, will you still stay? When folk holler at you to give up because it’s no longer worth it to them, will you still stay? Can God depend on you? I find it strange that as Saints of God being in God, walking in this Christian way of life; we are all for the bless part of righteous living yet we throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble. I mean, we are all in the ship with God when the weather is good; the sun is shining and the cool air is blowing but baby as soon as the storm hits, the boat starts rocking, the water begins hitting against the side of the boat and it seems like we are about to sink; we start looking for a way out. Yea, when times are good we barely seek God, rarely talk to Him and don’t even look for us to come to worship service but let financial trouble hit, sickness start attacking our body or a close family member, child start acting crazy, marriage get in trouble or hell creep in your home; can’t nobody in the house beat you praying.

Why can’t God get the same dependability from us in and out of trouble? Isn’t He worth it? Doesn’t He come see about us in and out of trouble? Isn’t He dependable? When we call Him, doesn’t He come? When we seek Him, can He not be found? Yet God is still saying today like Jesus said to the disciples in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Don’t you get it? There are so many among us that are sick, heavy with burdens, depressed, suicidal, addicted to whatever, going through things in their own homes, dealing with things on their jobs and this is in the church; God needs dependable people who are willing to work for Him to help His people. There are more Saints suffering than sinners because sinners are living in their sins yet Saints are trying to cover theirs up. It’s time out y’all. More Saints are going to hell, more Saints are being used by the enemy and more of them are in the church doing it! This has got to stop. God needs dependable folk who are willing to do His will and He needs us now. Are you dependable? Can you be counted on? Can God depend on you? If you have to think about the answer to these questions, right now is a good time to change.

Daily Devotional – 12/24/14 “Don’t get defeated, it ain’t over!”

Twas the day before Christmas and all you can find is confusion and misunderstanding in the depths of your mind? Listen, when you are in God; He doesn’t set up to fail but you have to be willing to get the lesson that He is teaching you. Are you taking notes? There is a difference in being of God and being in God. OF means you belong to God but IN means you are inside of Him. You need to be both. You need to be of God and in God! Oh God! My spiritual minded folk will get this! See, I told you on yesterday that not everything that God does make sense but you have to go with it. Do you think Mary understood the reasoning behind being impregnated with a seed and she was still a virgin? Yet she went with it? Do you think Sara understood being pregnant at 90? Yet she went with it? Do you think being sick with cancer makes sense? How about being without a job or being on a job you don’t like? How about being without a car or a home to call your own? How about being the pastor to a flock of people who don’t respect your vision? Baby, if this spiritual walk was this easy God would have more people willing to work for Him. This is why Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

So, on this Christmas Eve, I simply stop by to tell you; don’t give up. Even though depression may slip in, pray that spirit off. That enemy who may be whispering in your ear, he or she may even be texting you again; send him/her back to the pits of hell (don’t even accept the Christmas gift he/she brings, it’s a setup!). Don’t make a hastily decision off of your anger, cool off. Stop looking at what others have, look at what you are blessed with. You don’t know the price they paid to get what they have. Just because it’s wrapped pretty, the devil could have paid for it. Stop wishing for other folks stuff because then you get what they had to go through to get it. Be thankful for what you have. Get the lesson out of what you have to go through. God has you where He wants you. Take notes where you are. If you are in a storm now, ride it out but do so rejoicing. No matter what situation you are in, rejoice! You confuse the enemy with your praise. Don’t get defeated, it ain’t over! Don’t get defeated, it ain’t over!