Daily Devotional – 4/11/17 “Let us pray!”

Our Father in Heaven, holy is thy name, may your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, God, daily bread and forgive us of our sins as we forgive others. God, don’t allow us to be overtaken by temptation and deliver us from evil, for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Now oh God, as I petition your throne, allow me to ask of you. Father, there is some healing that needs to take place. There is some pain that needs to be removed. Some suffering that needs to end. Some doors that need to be opened. Some cases that need to be dropped. Some finances that need to be increased. Some marriages that need to be restored. Some ways out that need to be made. Some comfort that needs to be sent. Some ministries that need to be heard. Some strength given and some joy redefined. God, we need you. And right now I ask that you restore kidney functions, muscle mass, open blind eyes (natural and spiritual), restore balance and regulate blood flow. Send a match for those waiting on organ transplants. You, God, inflate lungs, stop seizures and send a cure for cancer and HIV. God, today, by your manifestation of power, strike down the hand of the abusive spouse and stop the guns from firing. Then oh God restore the joy. If only by my faith. Use me like you did Abraham to save a dying nation. Let my faith stand in the midst of a blinded people. Raise up a people whose faith will shelter a world. Because somewhere a mother is crying, a daddy is dying, a brother is headed for destruction and a sister is suffering. God, heal the land. Somewhere a grandmother is trying to stretch her social security check, a granddaddy is still trying to work, a granddaughter is about to lose her mind and a grandson is about to be sentenced to prison. God, heal the land. Somewhere a son is about to overdose and a daughter’s body is about to be used. God, heal the land. A wife is hearing bad news from the doctor and a husband is about to be laid off. God, heal the land. Remove the taste for drugs and alcohol. Snatch nicotine cravings from tongues. God, heal the land. During this holy week. God, heal the land. In the midst of adversity. God, heal the land. We need you God and here am I seeking on behalf of those who can’t and won’t. God, restore, set free, heal and make over. Amen.”

Daily Devotional – 5/25/16 “Let us pray…”


Our Father, whose name is Holy and worthy to be praised; I come petitioning your throne today, thanking you for everything. God, I know sometimes we aren’t worthy of asking yet you still provide; you still forgive us and still bless us in spite of and for that I say thank you. Thank you for loving us even when we are too selfish to love others. Thank you for covering us even in the midst of our mess. Thank you God for paying a debt that we’d never be able to repay. Now, as I come before you; I come not only for me but for that mother who doesn’t think you’re hearing her prayer; for that daddy whose been away from you too long and afraid to call your name, for that sister who’s in pain and can’t get a word out, for that brother who’s struggling just to live, for that pastor who feels like he/she is doing what they can and it’s still not working and for the person who’s contemplating suicide because it hurts too much to live. God, I come asking that your will for us on Earth be done as it is in Heaven. I come asking you to give us today, the daily bread we need to strengthen our weak places. Then, oh God forgive us. Forgive us for the daily sins that keeps us from being like you. Forgive us for the faults we so blindly hold on too. Forgive us for the hate that we’ve carried for years and forgive us for the debt that is consuming our lives. Forgive us, Father. And don’t allow us to fall into temptation, for you are our shield of protection. Deliver us from the hands, mouths and arms of the evil ones who have us trapped by fear and lies. Set us free from the things that keep us from you. Destroy chains of circumstances, bondage of burdens, handcuffs of hatred, shackles of self-doubt and governing generational curses. Cast out sickness and disease, sexual and spousal abuse and addictions. You said, if your people who are called by your name would humble themselves, seek your face and turn from their wicked ways; you’d come and see about us; well, here am I oh God, asking you to come and see about your children. Our cities need you, the killings have to stop, the police brutality and killings have to cease, the burying of our children; it has to end. We need you Father, for yours is the kingdom and you are the power and the glory; forever. Amen. Matthew 6:9-13