Daily Devotional – 1/29/19 “Don’t hush me!”

In Mark 10:46, there is a man named Bartimaeus who is sitting on the side of the road begging. Bible shares that he heard noise and asked those around him what was happening. They tell him, Jesus of Nazareth is passing by to which Bartimaeus begins to yell out, “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.” Now, what disturbed my spirit is what happened next. Those around him told him to be quiet. In fact, bible says, they admonished him or in other words reprimanded or tried to make him feel bad about calling Jesus. I preached on this Sunday but I needed to stop through and tell somebody, stop allowing folk to hush you, especially when it’s your life on the line. Stop allowing folk to make you feel bad about getting the help you need. It’s not them who is enduring the pain, it’s not them whose day is always dark, it’s not them that has to depend on folk just to survive and it’s not them suffering. Bartimaeus was blind yet he had enough faith to know that Jesus could heal him and had he listened when they said be quiet, he would have stayed in the shape he was in. And maybe the folk around him didn’t know any better or maybe they just didn’t want Bartimaeus healed because the thought a beggar wasn’t worthy.

Whatever the case, let me make this clear. We are all worthy of Jesus so don’t ever hush me when I’m calling on my help and stop allowing folk to hush you when the time is now for you to cry loud and spare not. Had Bartimaeus listened, he would have missed the opportunity to stand before Jesus. However, he didn’t because when folk told him to hush, he hollered louder and with his faith, he was immediately healed. How many of you are missing what you need because you’ve been listening to folk? The same folk who will not see you as anything more than your circumstance? You may know this but sickness doesn’t have a respect of person, disease will not skip you because you’re cute/handsome, storms will not keep bypassing you and neither will the enemy stop trying to stop you so whenever you get the chance to cry out to God, don’t be hushed. And if the folk around you will hush you, in the presence of Jesus, you need to let them go. If the folk around you will quiet your cry to Jesus, when you’re in need, you need to tell them goodbye. If they yell for you to be quiet when the healer, sustainer, waymaker and deliverer is near but not when you’re begging; you need to rethink those you keep company with. As for me, I don’t want those kinds of people around me. I need some folk who will join in, who will press with me through the crowd to get to the feet of Jesus, some friends who can holler when I can’t, some folk I can link my faith with when mine is getting weak and some folk who will encourage me, not rebuke me. You may be okay with the shape you’re in but I’m not so don’t hush me when the situation changer is near and I’m hollering to get His attention.

Sunday’s Sermon


Daily Devotional – 3/12/15 “Get in the way of God!”

I told you on yesterday that you need to get up in order to get that which you are standing in the need of because sometimes you have to get in God’s way. Yea, sometimes you have to get in His line of sight to let Him know that you need what you’ve been asking for. Yea, when need a healing and your faith is strong enough to get the healing you stand in the need of, go get it. Don’t believe me, I got some witnesses. The woman with an issue of blood who toiled for 12 long years (Mark 5:25-34) – she got in the way of Jesus even when she didn’t try too, Blind Bartimaeus had no sight but He through his hearing, Jesus coming through Jericho (Mark 10:46-52) so he began to shout – He got the attention of Jesus – and he asked for healing and it was received. Not enough? Come here grandma, doctors had given up, had called the family in, getting ready to give last rites, they said sign the papers because we’ve done all we can do but we got in the way of God and we called on His name and she’s alive and well today. Come here sister, doctor said suicide disease that many haven’t survived, some still living with the devastating pain and can’t even leave their house, family has walked off and left yet we, and a whole heap of praying believers got in God’s way on her behalf, and she’s alive and well and living 85% pain-free and more on a good day. Come here momma who buried your only child and you thought you would lose your mind yet God sustained. Come here husband who buried your wife and thought you couldn’t make it alone yet you’re surviving. Come here single parent who is still making it even though you can’t even see how to make ends meet. Come here person with cancer, you who are living on dialysis, with diseases running through your blood yet you get in the way of God every day with your prayers and you’re still here. Come here Pastor who has more battles to fight dealing with Christians yet God always shows up and shows out allowing you to come out victorious even if you don’t feel like the winner!

Baby, thangs happen when you are in the way of God! What things? Glad you asked. You get what you ask for. Doors open when you knock (only the ones meant for you). Love finds you. Battles are already won. Your purpose is positioned. Destiny is determined. Vision is valued. Favor flourishes. Mercy is magnified, grace is glorified and your joy is justified! When you get in the way of God, thangs began to shift into position. You began to settle into your rightful place, your finances began to line up, worry begins to wither away, depression disappears, sickness and suffering is set right and your spiritual walk lines up with your talk! Oh, when we get in the way of God!

“Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude.” Colossians 2:6-7