Daily Devotional – 4/7/17 “False Alarm!”

One morning, early like 2:30, the smoke alarms starting going off in the house. We jump up to look for fire and there wasn’t one. It was a false alarm. Some of you are having false alarms that are causing you to jump up out of your sleep. They have you looking at things and people differently because you can’t shake this feeling you get. You have a peculiar sense of something yet you can’t explain it. It is a false alarm and it is going off around you yet you’re not in any danger. Could it be a warning before destruction? Could it be God stopping you in your tracks before you step into enemy territory? Could it be the false alarm to wake you up before you sleep with lust? Could it? I mean, God tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen. So He allowed the ‘almost’ accident to shake you. He let the bullets pierce your neighbor’s house and it missed yours. Death came knocking but he left empty handed. It was a false alarm. You almost got sentenced to some real jail time. Your ministry looked like it was about to fail. Your marriage was almost over. It was a false alarm. You almost lost everything. You almost gave up. You almost jumped. You almost swallowed those pills. It was a false alarm.

Are you woke now? Are you listening now? Sometimes we miss the warnings and the signs. Sometimes we feel imminent danger but we press on, thinking we can handle it. We see the signs saying, ‘detour,’ ‘turn here,’ yet we keep going only to get to a sign that says, “Road closed.” Now, we have to turn around. But this time, you have to go back through everything you went through (going the wrong way) just to get back to the right road (the right way). Is it worth it, knowing you can’t get back the time you’ve lost? And do you know the times we ignore the signs the most? It’s when things are going good. Crazy, right? We ignore the signs, the false alarms because we are in a good space and don’t think anything bad can happen. Well beloved, here is your warning… Listen to the warnings and pay attention to the false alarms. God doesn’t warn us to punish us but He warns us to protect us.


Daily Devotional – 11/4/16 “Interference”

interferenceAs I was driving into work this morning, I was listening to 95.7 Hallelujah FM on the radio. For the first part of the ride, I had the volume down because I was having my morning talk with God. Then when I turned the volume up, I started getting interference from another radio station. So much that I decided to turn the radio completely off. In the stillness of the quiet, the Holy Spirit said “This is how the enemy interferes with us.” Come on Holy Spirit. See, many times the enemy will show up simply to interfere with what you have going on. he will stop by and interfere with your marriage just when you are about to step out on faith and apply for that new house. he will interfere on your job, right at the time you’re getting ready for that promotion. he will interfere at the church, at the moment membership is going up and the chattering has finally stopped. The enemy has a way of interfering in your life and if you don’t pay attention to it, he’ll have you turning everything completely off. (Just like I did with the radio.)

This is why you need to listen, be alert and sober-minded because if you aren’t you’re likely to miss the interference and blame something or somebody else. And if you miss the interference, you miss the incentive. What do I mean? Well, in hockey, a penalty is assessed anytime you interfere with the progress of an opponent who is not in possession of the puck. In football, there is a penalty for pass interference and if it’s on defense, the other team automatically gets first down on the spot of the foul. Simply meaning, after the interference comes reward. See beloved, the enemy only interfered after my morning talk with God knowing good and well something is about to happen. And for somebody, he’s only interfering with you because he sees what’s about to be thrown your way. The enemy knows the puck/ball is headed in your direction and you’re in line to score so he interferes. Don’t fret, because after the penalty comes the prize of praise that’s about to push you into God’s promise for your life. Don’t miss it! You just need to be mindful of the interference.