Daily Devotional – 7/11/18 “What has happened?”

I don’t know if you are familiar with the gospel singer, LeAndria Johnson and if you have heard her rants on last week (she has since issued an apology to those she offended) but in her videos, she angrily says, “F Christianity and F the church.” Some people fired back at her use of the F bomb and other curse words while others agreed and encouraged her. Here is my take on this … Her delivery was wrong but she had some valid points. See, her outcry wasn’t against God but against the politics of the church. While she spoke from a place of hurt and anger, she should have waited until she calmed down to get her point across, in a much better way. Yet, I am left to ask, “What has happened to the church?” By church, I mean people who claim to love and follow God. I’m looking and He is not pleased. Please understand, I am NOT perfect but I have some questions. Why has fame and fortune overshadowed going and making disciples? Why has being on the latest conference overshadowed saving souls and offering Christ? When did it become about custom suits and tailored made dresses? When did the amount of members become important and not deliverance? Why has rebellion become popular? And before you say it hasn’t, look around. You can have a pastor who is removed from his/her assignment of shepherd, due to his/her actions and instead of getting clean, they simply start another church. When I say getting clean, I am speaking of anything that keeps them outside of God’s will.

What has happened? You have people, still doing the work of the Lord, who He has snatched the anointing from and the only reason they are still being glorified is because of their name and you like their method of preaching. Yet, if you were to really listen to their messages, when you are not in flesh, you’d quickly hear there is no oil. This is why most of their messages is throwing shots at their ‘enemy.’ Get out of your flesh! Do you not see that a lot of our youth and young adults are missing from the church because they can’t get any nutrition from the teaching? Most of them are longing for God and all they get is a twenty-minute sermon of your whoop and taking Jesus to the cross. They are hungry for God yet leaving worship slayed and not delivered. What has happened? When will you stop preaching these feel good messages of promise (milk) and teach about the sacrifice, the suffering, the stretching, the strengthening and the salvation (meat)? Because these are all the things we have to go through to get the promise. This is why I don’t want to worship with perfect people. I want to worship with those who have some scars and some testimonies of how God delivered them from addictions. I want to fellowship with some folk who has a criminal history yet now declaring they’ve been changed and live it. I want to worship with some folk who don’t brag about what they have but boast about what God has done. I don’t want to rub elbows with the rich and famous but I will share the altar with the righteous and favored.


Daily Devotional – 10/24/12 “Making it personal!”

I normally try not to get too personal in my devotionals but sometimes you have to let folks see you going through your test in order for them to understand your testimony. So this morning, I had to make it personal because even in the midst of my storm, I am yet standing strong. Why, because God has made me strong just for this. Yea, see; when I was doing the 7 day prayer fast on last week it seems like my storm was raging tougher than it ever has and I didn’t recognize it at first but I realized that it was simply a test to see if I would continue and for those who was praying with me, you know I did. And as the days went by, the clouds got darker but that was alright because I simply put on my raincoat (that’s God’s blanket of protection) and my rain boots (that’s my faith in God’s promise) and I kept on praying because somebody needed to hear what God had to say through me. I couldn’t allow my storm to take me out because then I would have been defeated and how could I claim victory for you if I wasn’t claiming for myself? So yes, even I need encouraging sometime. Yes, even I have moments of wanting to be selfish. Yes, even I have tears that I sometimes shed. Yes, even I have times of being temporarily out of funds. Yes, even I have moments I don’t feel like talking, praying, encouraging and fighting but I do them anyway. Why, because God chose me for this purpose! God chose me for this purpose and that makes my purpose bigger than any problem I could ever face. When I accepted this calling that God placed on my life, I knew that with this calling my trial would last longer than most, my storm would rage harder than most and my hills would get harder to climb over and obstacles wider to go around but I won’t give up. No ma’am, no sir! So, today as I write this I am claiming victory over my own life. I am claiming victory over debt, sickness, circumstances and situations. I am serving the devil notice that I will not give you my joy, you cannot have my children, you will not disrupt my family, you will not take my blessings and you cannot deter me with temptations because I have my prayers stored up. Yea, today this may be for somebody but I am making this thang personal because I need you to know that I am not perfect but I’m willing. I am not perfect but I’m able and I may not have all the answers but I’ll keep on studying. I am claiming that everything my hands touch, in God’s name, will be fruitful and every place my feet walks will be blessed. I am claiming that folks will know my name not because of gossip on the lips of others but because my gift has made room for me. I am claiming that the words I share reaches those who need to hear and read it. I am claiming that I will receive all that God has for me and that I continue to be lifted up, in His name!

Thank you for trusting me to pray for you. Thank you for allowing me to come into your lives daily and thank you for praying for me, for encouraging me and supporting me. I am simply just a sinner who God is cleaning daily to make me a saint! So know that no matter what you go through I am here for you as long as God gives me breath and know that no matter what you face .. God will take care of you.