Daily Devotional – 8/17/16 “The pull!”

As I journey this Christian walk, things happen that I cannot understand. People act in a way I can’t make sense of and changes occur I probably wouldn’t have made yet I’ve come to realize that not everything that happens will make sense to me but as long as God ordains it; I’ll be it, go, do it and say it. Why? Well because I’ve finally understood that God cannot launch us into the next level without first pulling us out of where we are. And guess what, it hurts. That means we may lose some people, move from some places and sever some relationships. And it hurts but it’s necessary. Think about a sling shot. In order to propel the object within the sling shot forward, you have to first pull it back. And the further you pull it, the farther it can go. This is what happens when God snatches us out of our comfortable places, when He shows up and pulls us out of messy conditions and when He plucks from our grasp those things we thought meant us some good. Beloved, this is why things around you look distant. This is why it seems like some people are far away. This is why you can’t seem to grasp ahold of what you used to. And this is why you can’t make sense of some stuff today that you understood yesterday. Baby, God is pulling you in order to launch you forward. No, you may not understand it but trust whose hands you’re in. It may seem hard but trust the hand of the one pulling you. You may have not been ready but when has God ever worked on your timing?

See, God has a way of getting our attention and if that means snatching our ignorant behinds out of the confines of comfortability, He’ll do it. If that means hauling us from the hands of hindrance, He’ll do it. It that means plucking us from some pleasures, it’ll happen. If it happens to mean pulling us from some people and places, it’ll be done. And we can’t stop Him. Yes, we can fight it but it’ll only make it harder. Yes, we can run from it but it won’t go away. We can even ignore it but it’ll happen eventually. So why prolong the inevitable? The pulling, the snatching out and the plucking … it’s necessary and if you’ve yet to experience it, your time is coming and you need to be ready. The bible says in Psalm 119:71-73, “My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees. Your instructions are more valuable to me than millions in gold and silver. You made me; you created me. Now give me the sense to follow your commands.”


Daily Devotional – 8/2/16 “Just wish me well!”

Just because you can’t understand my anointing, just wish me well. Although you may not be able to explain my blessings, just wish me well. Yes, she was healed from the disease doctors said there’s no cure for, wish her well. Yea, he got the job they said he wasn’t qualified for, wish him well. Yes, they got approved for the loan the other bank turned them down for, wish them well. Yes, I overcame being slandered, wish me well. Beloved, there’s going to be times when things will happen to you, for the good, that natural eyes and minds can’t explain and because they can’t, folk will bash you instead of accepting it. That’s ok! Don’t try to explain it, instead ask them, “Why can’t you just wish me well?”

Look, when you’ve overcame your past that was jacked up, stop listening to folk who say you don’t deserve what you’re reaping now. When God has given you grace although you used to live as a disgrace, quit being ashamed of the purpose you’re now walking in. When you’ve been delivered and set free, stop going into hiding every time someone slanders your name. Baby, when folk show up to cause hell, ask them, “Why can’t you just wish me well?” When folk try to ruin your reputation because you opened your business and they haven’t, ask them, “Why can’t you just wish me well?” Today, when someone is ‘hating’ on you, ask them, “Why can’t you just wish me well?” Stop fighting folk with words and in the physical when all you need to do is walk in the anointing. Yes, there will be people waiting on you to fail, there are folks camped around you who wish you’d hurry up and die but baby, live and live gloriously in the love of God! And when they come for you, send back the message, “Why can’t you just wish me well,” and be done with it.

Wish me well