Daily Devotional – 1/7/19 “Let them talk, you be healed!”

I’ve never been the victim of abuse, sexual or otherwise. I’ve never had to sit across the table from the person who victimized me or hid scars. I’ve never had to deal with folk calling me a liar for telling my story. I’ve never had to look at the eyes of pity from folk who said they cared. I’ve never had phone calls to go unanswered by those who said they’d be there. I’ve never been fearful in my own home and I’ve never been violated but some of you have been and it saddens me how quick folk are to judge and criticize. This is why I had to take a moment to tell those of you who have been abused … don’t let anyone silence your story. I don’t care if it happened 1, 6, 18, 24 or 52 years ago, if you never told anyone before or if your abuser has never been brought to justice; tell your story. You have a right because no one knows the hell you’ve been through, neither how you survived with your mind still intact. Moreover, when you tell your story, you become the defeater and not the defeated. Stop allowing folk who have never walked a foot in your shoes, quiet you. They weren’t there the days and the nights you had to suffer. They aren’t there the nights the nightmares will not let you rest. They are not there when the smell of a familiar cologne can trigger the pain you try to hide. They don’t have to deal with the fear you have, now that you’ve become a parent. They don’t know but they’ll talk. LET THEM! But while they talk, you tell your story and heal. While they talk, you do the work to forgive. While they talk, you do what needs to be done to become whole again. Let them talk, you be healed.

Bible shares in Proverbs 12:19, “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.”

Dear God,
I thank you for another chance. Now, I ask for you to rain down strength on all those who have been or are in the midst of abuse. Give them strength to tell their story and not be ashamed but more importantly, give them strength to be healed. Healed from the sleepless nights and the crying days. Healed from the fear of what other thinks and from the judgmental lips and critical eyes of those who don’t know their pain. Heal from thinking they aren’t good enough or that it was their fault. Bind their suicidal thoughts and give them the comfort. Cover and protect their mind, body and soul. God, you have the power and I know you didn’t make us to suffer in silence. Cripple the hands of the abuser and bring swift justice to those who deserve it. By your might God, I pray.


Daily Devotional – 11/19/18 “It’s due!”

When I miss writing devotionals, I feel as though I am missing an important event and I am letting you, the person I told I’d be there, down. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it but I do. See, penning a devotional is a release for me. It’s like preaching but I don’t have to stand before a congregation and sweat out my curls. LOL. You get it, right? I love Jesus and when He has instilled in me the gift, to share Him; through blogs, books, preaching, posting and etc. I try to be as obedient as I can but sometimes, God quiets me. I’m okay with that because it’s in those moments. when God doesn’t release me to share, that He is refueling me. This past week, I’ve been in and out of social media because I just wasn’t feeling it. God was quieting me. It’s not that I’d done anything wrong but I believe God is about to shift me again, spiritually and I’m okay with that too. I don’t know what He has planned for me but it is well because I trust Him. I can’t explain why I’ve been feeling like this but it is well because I trust God. My only prayer is to make God proud with every action AND reaction that comes from me. Why? Well because bible tells me in Galatians 6:9, if I don’t get weary while doing good, I shall reap in my due season when I don’t faint (lose courage). This is why I am feeling led to tell somebody, today, don’t get tired now. You’ve come too far to forfeit the harvest of your due season. This is for those of you who have planted ‘WELL DOING’ because you do know that you reap what you sow, right?

Yes, I know you’ve got to be tired of helping only to get hurt and hate back but your due season is approaching. Yes, I know you’ve got to be fed up with being what everybody needs when nobody is there for you but your due season is coming. Yes, I know you’re drained from giving and getting nothing in return but your due season is approaching. Don’t mess up your harvest by pulling up what you’ve planted prematurely. Don’t be quick to pack up the tools needed to harvest when your due season is coming. Sure, it’s growing slow but it’s growing. Sure, it looks like it will not pay off but it will. It looks like you’re spinning your wheels but aren’t they moving? Then that’s something. Beloved, don’t get tired in your season of doing good, even if people don’t tell you they appreciate you. Don’t get weary in doing good, even if nobody comes back to tell you thank you. Don’t get weary in well doing, even if it looks like your help is in vain. Because here is what I’ve come to realize. Somebody is always watching even if they never open their mouth to tell you. Somebody is proud of you even if they never come out and say it. Don’t get weary, servant, your due season is DUE soon and you SHALL (this means have to) reap. You have too because you’re owed what you planted. You shall reap because you’re owed a return. You got to get your due season because it’s due just don’t get weary now because you shall reap, if you faint not.