Daily Devotional – 1/21/19 “Let us pray!”

Our Father in Heaven,

Your name is Holy on my tongue as I come petitioning your throne. God, give us, this day, daily bread that sustains us, strength that carries us and obedience that shall loose us from the hand of enemy. God, I thank you for waking me up with a stable mind, eyes that see, mouth that speak, activity of my body, a warm home, food, clothes, shoes, transportation, for family and friends, a job and for things being as well as they are. God, I thank you for never forgetting me even when I forsake you. Now God, as I pray for your people; forgive me of anything I’ve said or done that’s not like you. Increase in me that my prayer reaches your ears and by faith it’s already being done. For today, I come for healing of arthritis, migraine headaches, vertigo, high blood pressure, heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, colon cancer, strokes, heart attacks, lupus, fibromyalgia, sickle-cell, kidney disease, liver disease, sinus problems, flu, clogged arteries, multiple sclerosis, ailments and diseases. God, deliver the broken-hearted, broken-spirited, low self-esteem, depressed and suicidal.

God, the government may be shut down but Heaven is still open and your word says, if I ask in faith, it shall be so I come asking for provision for all those affected. Increase God so they shall not be hunger, their gas tank never empty, bills are covered and their faith never waivers. For those who have poured out to help those in need, pay them back in increase. Then God, don’t stop there because I need you to bind the hands, stifle the tongue and heal the heart of the bully so they no longer hurt others. For the abuser, user and manipulator; snatch them out of their sin so they never hurt again. For the abused, avenge them God because your wrath is greater than ours. For the addicted, give them a heart to want to be delivered. For the hopeless, restore hope. For the downtrodden, pick them up and steady their walk. For the grieving, comfort. For those you’ve ordained to shepherd your people, give strength to stand in the midst of spiritual storms and chaos for it is your will that shall be done, not ours. And God, if it’s ours to endure, give us strength to withstand. If we have to go through the darkness, give us night-time vision and if we have to suffer the storm, cover us until you say it’s finished. Hear now, God this prayer as I humbly submit it to you. Amen.

“If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:13-14


Daily Devotional – 1/9/19 “Sheep and Shepherds”

In this New Year, I pray for people to desire and crave God more. Not just for beneficial reasons but because you love Him and you willingly seek to know Him and do His will. On last night, God was dealing with me on sheep and shepherds. This is a subject I’ve touched on before but whether you know this or not, you as sheep need a shepherd. Here’s where I think the problem is. We go to a church with incorrect thinking of what the pastor’s responsibility is. The pastor is the shepherd and his/her responsibility is to strengthen the weak by providing sound teaching (nourishment), seeking those sheep who have gone astray, bandaging those who have been wounded in the wild and protect the sheep under their care. A shepherd doesn’t have to call you on your birthday, come to your housewarming party and shout you out on social media or respond to all 24 of your inbox/text messages. This is why you, I mean sheep, have to stop being so easily offended when the pastor doesn’t do what you think they should, causing you to run. When you run you, the sheep, leave yourself open to being wounded as prey. Here’s your blessing though. A good shepherd will go look for the one who strays. You want to know why? The shepherd is the one who will bandage your wounds and protect you from the wild because you’ll be too weak to fight on your own.

A good shepherd is one you follow because it’s not his voice you hear but that of God. A good shepherd is willing to stay up at night praying for you because they see a wolf approaching in the spirit that you haven’t seen yet. A good shepherd gives wisdom. But let me ask this … What are you doing as sheep? Are you being led astray because you don’t know the voice of your shepherd? Are you a wild sheep who doesn’t need a shepherd because you never settle down or are you a domestic sheep who requires the care of a shepherd? Are you a wild sheep who search for food, eating and digesting anything or a domestic sheep who is fed by their shepherd, the nourishment needed? Beloved, sheep needs shepherds because a sheep who is not properly cared for tends to carry too much weight which then leads to internal issues that keeps them from growing, infected feet that keeps them from walking, inflamed knees that keeps them from kneeling and the inability to care for the very thing(s) they birth. Sheep need shepherds unless you like being wild and wandering alone but how has that worked for you? It’s not too late, for you can pray like Psalm 119:176, “I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek Your servant, For I do not forget Your commandments.”