Daily Devotional – 8/6/19 – Is your “I think,” sincere?

Jimmy, your cousin is an addict. On your way home, one day, you see Jimmy begging for money. You start your usual, “Jimmy, this stuff is bad for you,” or “Jimmy, you’re too old to be still be like this.” Yada, yada. Jimmy isn’t listening, he just needs those loose dollars in your pocket. You give him what you have and walk off, shaking your head because you can’t understand why Jimmy can’t just leave that stuff alone. Here’s the thing, Jimmy probably wishes he could too, but it’s not as easy as you think. See, it’s easy, to be on the outside, casting your “I think,” judgment but let me ask you … Do you THINK a person who smokes can throw away their cigarettes/weed/nicotine and the taste will magically disappear? It won’t. Do you THINK an abusive person can up and walk away from their abuser, the first or fifth time they get hurt? They can’t. Do you THINK a person addicted to drugs and alcohol can just give it up, without ever wanting it again? They can’t. Sometimes, you have to keep your “I THINK” theology, especially if ain’t nobody asked for it.

I think

Beloved, if getting over addiction was easy, there’d be no need for rehab and twelve-step programs. Here’s what you do … stop scolding folk, who have problems. Heck, they know it and if I can be honest, some of y’all, who always got an opinion, also got an addiction. I said it. Some are addicted to drama and that’s why you’re always in the middle of mess. Some are addicted to inflicting pain, to self, to hurt you before anyone else can. Some of y’all are addicted to Lil Rico and Shaquana but that ain’t my business. Truth is, some of y’all are addicted to self-sabotage because fear makes you believe you can’t do any better. My point, we all have problems and it ain’t as easy as you think, to overcome. Addiction, for some, came from needing a safe place, within their mind when their surroundings weren’t safe. Addiction, for some, was attached to their bloodline and they were the one to fall victim to it. An addiction could have been something used, to stop the thoughts but now they can’t stop it. Stop judging folk’s situation. If you can help, help and if you can’t, refer them to somebody who can but keep your “I think,” theology if it isn’t coming from a pure and sincere place.


Daily Devotional – 7/9/19 “And these signs shall follow them that believe!”

I don’t know why this is heavy on me, but I need to tell somebody, again, you got the power. Mane, some of y’all got power to cast out demons, shake the foundation of hell, walk among vipers and not be harm and be lied on and not moved. Mane, some of you have the power of intercessory and prophesy but because some badly taught man said you couldn’t work in that vein, you’ve shut your mouth. Some of you are fearful of walking in your calling because you’re fearful of being judged by your past. Some of you possess the power lay hands and folk will be healed but you’re afraid. Well, in the words of Pastor Kia Moore, “Tell me why we are afraid to HANDLE something we have DOMINION over & why we are often willfully forfeiting our destiny by engaging something that we should be OVERPOWERING?”

Again, God’s word says in Mark 16:17-18, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” You won’t know this unless you take up the serpent, drink of anything deadly or open your mouth and flow. Now, hold up, before you go and take a shot of poison, stick your hand in the cage of a snake or lay hands; you need to know the word says, “AND THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW THEM THAT BELIEVE; IN MY NAME SHALL …”

In other words, this isn’t for those of you who boast and brag. This isn’t for those of you who are trying to prove to folk you are as holy as you lie to be. This isn’t for those of you who are in a season of rebellion. Neither is this for those who want to ‘one up’ somebody else. This is for those who believe, those who have been called according to God’s purpose, for those whose destiny is keeping them up, for those who have been silent too long, for those whose belly is burning from the fire of the spirit and for those who are tired of running from what God has commanded you to do. Here’s what you do. Pick up the serpent. Open your mouth and prophesy. Stop standing on the wrong side of the altar, getting prayer when you know God has called you to offer prayer. Stop hiding all those sermons you’ve written. Stop acting like God isn’t speaking in your ear. For if you believe, you’ll be able, by the power of God, to do like Paul did, on the island of Malta when a poisonous snake fastened himself to Paul’s arm. You’ll shake the snake into the fire and be unharmed (Acts 28:5).