Daily Devotional – 12/18/15 “Try the door one more time!”

I was watching this show on the ID channel last night. Well, I think it was ID; anyway, it was called surviving evil (I think) and this lady was attacked by her teenage neighbor. After raping, beating and slicing her wrists; he locked her in a crawl space, nailed the door shut, place an object in front of it before setting the house on fire. She had tried numerous times to get the door open, as the smoke-filled the room, and she couldn’t. Then she prayed. And she prayed again. The last time something told her to try the door again and when she pushed on it, it started to open. She might not have known who told her to try again but I do. At the end of the show as the host was talking to the lady, she said something that went all over me.Try the door After she asked her how she survived, the host said, “Try the door one more time.” Bay-bee!

Now, understand, if you aren’t spiritual then you’ll miss this. But I need you, yes you, the one who’s been struggling in this spiritual walk, you who’ve been toiling with your assignment, you who’ve been dealing with some stuff in your ministry, you who’ve been standing in the hallway of possibility, you who’ve been waiting on the steps of elevation, you who’ve been sitting on the chair of faith; I need you to try the door one more time! But this time when you push, push with the faith that you’ve asked God and He’s about to do it. Oh Saint of God, I need you to try the door one more time! It doesn’t matter that it didn’t open the last time, try it one more time. It doesn’t matter that you’re getting weak in your waiting, try the door one more time. It doesn’t matter that someone is telling you to give up, try the door one more time. Oh, I know you might be tired of trying, tired of dealing with hellish folk, tired of going and nobody will come for you, tired of giving and no one will help you, tired of smiling when you want to cry but try the door one more time. The door is God and He won’t allow you to succumb to your wounds. Try the door one more time!

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” John 15:16

Daily Devotional – 11/12/15 “Stop letting them do it!”

Stop allowing yourself to be limited in your capabilities when God has already anointed your calling. Baby, when will you stop looking and listening to folk for validation and look to God for elevation? When will you tap folk out and tap God in? When will you trust in your Father? So what, if man says women shouldn’t preach; preach anyway! You don’t have to be in their unsanctified pulpits anyhow because God will send you places they’ve never been! So what if they say you aren’t qualified on paper, don’t allow it to stop you from using your gift because God will make it to where they HAVE to call you! So what if they say your ministry, business, relationship or job wouldn’t make it? You don’t have to prove nothing to them, prove your devotion to God and let Him show them. Yea, I know you thought your credit was capable of getting that loan but beloved, God will make it so the money will be given without you having to pay it back. It doesn’t matter that folk don’t think you can handle the assignment, allow them to watch you in your anointing. What folk say shouldn’t ever be the reason you don’t. What folk think of you shouldn’t ever be the cause as to why you didn’t!

If you walk up to a door that’s locked and you wait until someone comes along to open it, you may be waiting a while. Oh but if you knock, you have a better chance of someone on the inside letting you in. The bible says, “Knock and the door …” If you say you’re coming over to my house, I will not stand at the window until you get there but if you knock, I’ll let you in. I may not know you’re in need but if you ask, it shall be given (that’s bible)! So tell me again why you are waiting on somebody who doesn’t have the qualified credentials to call your name? That’s like going to the doctor’s office without signing in, you may not ever get called. Oh but if you sign in to God, not only will He call your name but He’ll place your name in the mouth of folk who you don’t even know. When you allow God to do it for you, He’ll place your feet on grounds you’ve never even heard of. When you allow God to work it out for you, you’ll see places you only dreamed of. Stop allowing folk to dictate who you are when God has made you an heir to the kingdom. Stop letting them do it!