Daily Devotional – 11/8/17 “Watch God work!”

I love to watch my Grams cook, especially during the holidays. She will have pots covering every burner on the stove, cutting boards on the table and pie crusts waiting to be filled. And while she is preparing dressing, sweet potato and egg pies for the oven; we will be busy chopping onions and bell peppers and silently watching her work. I knew not to interrupt her because an interruption caused delays and a delay meant I would have to wait longer for my request to taste test. So, I would do my part, only stopping when she interrupted me. Why am I sharing this? Well, many times we make a request of God and instead of waiting and watching Him work, we constantly interrupt. Truthfully, we don’t mean any harm, we just need to hear but I’ve come to realize that interrupting Him can cause a delay. Understand, I am not talking about praying but the, “why me God,” the “when me God,” the “where my blessing at God,” the “where is my husband God,” the “where is my wife God,” or the “how God” questions can delay what we’re waiting on. Do you not trust God to do what you’ve asked? Do you not believe He can do what you’ve been praying for? Then why not watch Him work?

Yes, I know you are eager but causing an interruption and allowing God to interrupt does not have the same kind of outcome. Our interruption can cause confusion, whereas God’s interruption can cause confession. Our interruption can cause depression but God’s interruption can cause deliverance. Our interruption can cause things to halt but God’s interruption can cause things to happen. God can interrupt our formalities to force our faith to kick in. God can interrupt our tranquility to test our talk of trust. God can interrupt our happiness simply to see if we can actually handle the harvest. I don’t know who this is for today but God isn’t intentionally ignoring you, He’s working on your request and He needs you to trust Him in His silence. He’s working, beloved, you just need to watch Him work it out. Can you do that? Yea, it’s hard, “But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me.” – Micah 7:7


Daily Devotional – 11/7/17 “Facts but no fire!”

Reciting scriptures by memory does not mean a thing if you cannot put them to use. Dancing and shouting is good but it means nothing if you are still depressed and shackled when you are done. What good does it do to slay folk in the spirit and not be able to cast the enemy out of your own home? How is it, you can sing until the atmosphere is saturated with the Holy Spirit but you cannot discern Righteous Richard from Tricky Tyrone? You can whoop but your message is watered down. You can post real good messages on social media but in person your light of God is dim. You know what the bible says, I won’t take that from you but what good does it do if you don’t practice what you preach? You do know the devil knows the bible too, right? Those who say they don’t believe in God or the bible, they know it too. So, having the ability to remember where it said “that” in the bible really isn’t credible until you can put some oil on it. I can tell you what the bible says in John 3:16 but what does it mean? I can recite Genesis 1:1 but what does it mean? Jeremiah 29:11, we all know that but what does it mean? What I am asking is, where is your fire?

Where is your fire to run on even when you don’t know what the end is going to be? Where is your fire to not give up even when it looks like everything is against you? Where is your fire to withstand even when the world is against you? Where is your fire to press on when you don’t have a dollar to your name? Where is your fire, beloved, to believe even when your circumstances is trying to tell you not too? Where is your fire to trust God even with the grim prognosis from the doctor? Where is your fire to stand in the gap for your sister/brother and pray the hell out of them? Where is your fire to stand out in a conforming world? Where is your fire to tell all of God and not just the good? Where is your fire? Yes, you know God (facts) but will not share Him (fire). Yes, you can look your Sunday best (facts) but it doesn’t carry over to the other six days (fire). You can speak in tongue (facts) but not pray for your enemy (fire). Yes, you have biblical facts but when will you ignite your fire? Because Jesus says in Luke 12:49, “I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning!”