Daily Devotional – 5/15/18 “Sheep without a shepherd”

There are some people who will not go to church for personal reasons, stubbornness or due to being a victim of “church hurt.” Understand, it is your choice so please don’t take this as bashing or to make you feel guilty. This blog is a means of help and hope but I need to let you know what happens to sheep (God’s people) without a shepherd. Yes, we are sheep because Psalm 100:3 says, “Know that the Lord, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.” And because we are sheep, God calls and equips shepherds. What it the role of a shepherd? To strengthen the weak, feed the hungry, seek the lost, bandage the wounded and to protect the sheep from becoming prey while ruling over them without harshness and force (Ezekiel 34). To put it plainly, a shepherd’s job is to ensure care and security of the sheep until their owner comes back for them. In other words, the sheep do not belong to the shepherd but when a person accepts the position, they do so with the responsibility to do right by the sheep. But did you know there are two kinds of sheep? One is a wild sheep who can survive on their own and a domestic sheep who needs the care of a shepherd.

See, wild sheep don’t need a shepherd because they never settle down but domestic sheep requires the care of a shepherd because they have been created through human means to produce. Wild sheep search for food but domestic sheep are fed by their shepherd. Wild sheep protect themselves but domestic sheep are to be covered by the shepherd. Wild sheep naturally shed but a domestic sheep has to be sheered in order to ensure the weight of their wool doesn’t become too heavy to carry or filled with parasites. Yes, I get you don’t feel like you need a shepherd but this is like saying you don’t need a doctor. Beloved, I believe God and I trust Him but I also know He gives wisdom to those who care for us physically. This is why we have financial advisers, doctors, therapists, pharmacists, lawyers and spiritual shepherds. There are some things we cannot do on our own. And a sheep who is not properly cared for tends to carry too much weight which then leads to internal issues that keeps them from growing, infected feet that keeps them from walking, inflamed knees that keeps them from kneeling and the inability to care for the very thing(s) they birth. Sheep need shepherds unless you like being wild and wandering alone but how is that working for you? The bible shares in Jeremiah 3:15, “Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding.”


Daily Devotional – 4/19/18 “Don’t quit now!”

God is about to take what you thought was to break you, to bless you. That sickness, yep, it was sent to save you. That grief, yep, it was sent to grab you out of your guilt. That thing that caused you to weep, yep, it is about to be the very thing that sends you back into worship. That abusive relationship, you once hid, is the thing that is going to make you accept God’s call on your life. That sickness that left you scarred, is about to be that thang that shifts you spiritually. Beloved, it wasn’t meant to take you out but it is to bring you out. The death of your baby, wasn’t to make you go crazy but it pushed you out of your comfort zone. That eviction wasn’t for embarrassment but it was to evoke the excellence within you. That divorce was for you to discover just how much time you’d spent being devoted to the wrong stuff. That pain pushed you from the pit to now praying. Those nights of weeping turned your closet into a war room. Those dark days made you turn the living room floor into an altar.

So you see, not everything we go through is because God isn’t pleased but just maybe it’s to get us to being pleased with self. You’ve been hurt in the church so God allowed your house to turn into a place of worship until He softens your heart. Then He’ll connect you to church that can assist in your healing. God knows the number of times you’ve thought about suicide. This is why He will not allow you to leave that job, you hate because there is someone there speaking life into you. Sometimes, even when God has already showed you the dreams of tomorrow, He will allow you to live through a nightmare of today. Not so you suffer but so your testimony could be like that of Joseph in Genesis 50:20, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” Sometimes, you have to give credit to the things that tried to take you out because it/they were the thing(s) need to get you to destiny. Yes, there is a rough road to destiny but don’t you dare quit now. The detour is only temporary unless you make it permanent.