Daily Devotional – 9/4/18 “God’s plan concerning me!”

I have not written a devotional in a few days. Personal disclosure: I pray every day to never preach, pray, serve and even write a devotional, in my flesh. This is the reason there are some days when I do not publish a devotional and/or post on social media. Sure, Lakisha has plenty she can say but this thang is not about me. See, today, you could be going through the worse storm of your life and here I am posting something, from my flesh that pushes you further from God. Nope, I am not about that life. My anointing is not for me but it is for you and this is why, I had to stop by and let you all know. Understand I am not saying there will not be a devotional shared tomorrow but just in case, I needed you to know there is nothing physically wrong.

Yes, God has been working on me lately and although I do not know what He has planned, I trust Him. This is my fourth year in ministry and my seventh year blogging and I believe God is preparing me for even greater. Why? I simply believe. On the fourth day of creation, God created light, dividing day from night, marking time. Seven signifies completeness, perfection and the foundation of God’s word. Could it be, God is about to shift me, spiritually by completing some stuff within me concerning Him? Baby, I do not know but I trust Him. Anyway, I wanted to stop through and let you all know and when the time comes and He gives me a word for you, I will share it. Until then, please look back at some of my previously shared devotionals and if you need prayer, email me.

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Daily Devotional – 8/11/17 “Can you hear Him now?”

We watched another movie in class on last night and this one was called The Sunset Limited. An hour and a half movie featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Tommie Lee Jones sitting in the apartment of Jackson after he’d stopped Jones from trying to commit suicide. [Oh, Jones didn’t believe in God.] I will not go into the full movie (you need to watch it) but there was one thing Jackson said that I had to share. He said to Jones, “You don’t have to be virtuous in order to hear God speak, you just need to be quiet!” Listen, many times we mistakenly think we have to be on some sort of spiritual level in order to hear from God. We think it takes speaking in tongue, being able to shout, prophecy or lead intercessory prayer. We think we need to have everything straight and be perfect in our being. But who is perfect, other than God? Yes, we are all called to be virtuous, that’s having high morals, however, if today is the day you happen to lack virtue, God can still speak to you. If today just happens to be a day you don’t feel like being virtuous, God can still speak to you. If you were to make a mistake today, God can still speak to you. You simply need to be quiet long enough to hear Him.

Listen, I get it; there will be some days you will not feel like being morally correct and you are entitled but don’t think you cannot hear from God. Beloved, I was a jacked up, good for nothing, raggedy, mess of a person yet God still spoke to me. I was set in my ways, attitude on ten, could curse with the best of them yet God still spoke. AND I HEARD HIM! It wasn’t because I was morally good, all the time, but it was those days I hushed and listened. Even when I could not understand why God would use me, I shut up and listened. Even when I found myself running from Him, there were nights I had no choice but to listen. God does not speak because you are good but He speaks because of your potential to be. You simply need to be quiet to listen. How will you know it’s God? Well, the bible says in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”