Daily Devotional – June 10, 2020 “Let your power fall!”

Let your power fall when your name is called and prove the doubters wrong. You’re still mighty and strong so, fight this battle for me and help my unbelief. So, I can tell all my friends that you have won again.

This is a James Fortune song but it’s also my declaration this morning. Anybody else needing God to show up, proving what was said to you, about you, against you and yours wrong? Anybody else needing God to deal with some stuff that’s out of reach for you? Anybody else, today, needing God to show up and prove the doubters wrong?

God, let your power fall when your name is called.

What power? The power to show up, immediately, and destroy word curses. The power to show up, quickly, and deal with those who keep speaking evil on my name and gifts. The power, God, to loosen what’s mine, now. The power to be strengthen when I feel like giving up. The power to steady my walk when I start to stumble from the shots of my opponent. The power to not be fearful when I’m looking at my circumstances and it doesn’t match my praise. The power to not worry when this oil you anointed me with begins to get heavy. The power, God, to continue the fight. The power to cry out to you and you’ll answer.

God, let your power fall when your name is called.

See, I’ve tried to do it on my own and it didn’t work. I’ve tried to fix stuff, by myself and it only made things worse. I tried it my way and it only messed things up. God, let your power fall when your name is called to prove the doubters wrong. Father, they said I’d give up. They said I wouldn’t make it. They said I wasn’t worthy. They said, he said, she said but God, I trust what you say. Prove them wrong so they’ll know YOU have won again.

God, Let your power fall when your name is called ...

Daily Devotional – 5/19/17 “The lesson of begging!”

When I was little, if we begged for stuff, let’s say food, only to get it and not like it; my granddaddy would make us eat it. He did not care if it took an hour, you would have to sit at the table and eat it because he was teaching a lesson of not begging. And this has stuck with me because I have found that sometimes, we can bite off more than we can chew. For the sake of this devotional, I’ll put it into laymen’s terms and say, stop begging God for stuff while in flesh that we are not spiritually ready to handle. Yes, I know you want your Boaz or your Ruth but then what? Can you handle the financial responsibility that Boaz brings to the table or are you still having trouble balancing your own checkbook? Can you cook a mighty man meal that Boaz hungers for or is spaghetti o’s the only thing you can warm up? Can you keep a house that Boaz can live in? Can you handle strains of Boaz’s profession or are you the jealous type that looks through his stuff? Sir, can you meet the needs of Ruth or are you still hung up on the one who hurt you last? Can you afford to bring home the bacon or will she need to do that too? Can you handle meeting the needs of Ruth’s intimate desires or are you all about self? Can you handle the demands of her professional life or are you mad because she makes more money?

These are the kinds of things you have to ask because you may find yourself in some stuff you’ll be forced to deal with it. Okay, the sex is good but what about his/her spirit? Yea, the finances are on point but what about his/her faith? Oh, he/she looks good but will they labor for you? Beloved, you can’t move in with somebody who doesn’t allow pork in the house and that’s all you eat. You cannot be mad at her for not cleaning when, had you paid attention to the living room instead of running to the bedroom, you would have known her skills were lacking. You can’t be mad that he is now the pastor of the church when you knew ministry was his thing when you met him. You can’t keep begging God for directions to destiny just to get there and it not be like you thought. You cannot pray for God to remove some stuff unless you are ready for some soul ties to be severed. You cannot pray for healing unless you’re ready to deal with the pain of recovering. You cannot beg God to intervene unless you are ready to handle the effects of withdrawal. You cannot beg God to do it and then get mad when He does. Because you may just find yourself, sitting at the table of sacrifice, scarfing down a bitter lesson that looked better than it tasted. Prepare yourself for what you ask of God because Jesus says in John 14:14, “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.”