Daily Devotional – 11/6/13 “Keep pushing!”

I truly believe that your storm gets harder, when it seems like everything is going good because the devil has been allowed to see into your future and knows the blessings that are about to come and it is now his mission to make sure you don’t make it to get them. See, just like when God allowed the devil to test Job, He did so because He believed, no scratch that, He knew that Job’s faith was unshakeable, unbendable and unbreakable because Job had proved it over and over. So, my question now is, why can’t we have faith like Job? I mean as soon as our fight gets too hard, we throw up our hands in defeat although you’ve yet to be hit. When the fire gets a little too hot we back out the kitchen although you’ve yet to be burned. When the struggle gets real as we know it does, we wave the white flag in surrender although we’ve yet to be tagged in. Why do we give up so easily? The doctor says cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, lupus, sickle cell, kidney problems and such and we hang our head in defeat although you’ve yet to hear the treatment options. As soon as the loan officer says no or the hiring manager says you weren’t selected this time you leave mad without even recognizing it wasn’t yours to begin with. When that man or woman walks away from you, you got the nerve to roll up in a bed and cry instead of realizing they didn’t belong to you in the first place.

WTF … Where’s the faith? Yea, you may be reaching for my dream and it seems like it’s out of reach but don’t stop reaching. Yea, you may have been declined this time but your yes is coming so don’t stop. Yea, you may have been knocked down but you’re not out so get up. Yes, folks may see the scars from being stabbed in the back from folks who promised to do you no harm, they may see the scars on your knees from you constantly praying to maintain, they may see the scars on the front on you from being drug to hell and back on your good day, they may see the marks on your shoulders from carrying the weight of the world or they may even see the scars on your feet from standing on them for 12 hours trying to provide for your family; however, but, nonetheless, God picks you up every time you get knocked down, dusts you off and stands you back up in order for them see your strength. Chile, God got you in this thang and if He wanted to take you out of it, He would have by now so you go ahead because it could be worse. You could look like the pain you feel, you could look like your past mistakes, you could look like those names they call you, you could look like the nobody folk said you’d be, you could look like the nothing folk said you’d do in life, you could look like that statistic society has deemed you, you could look like that crack that should have taken your life, you could smell like that alcohol that could have claimed your life or even look like all the mess you’ve encountered BUT YOU DON’T because God has you looking like you’re looking and it looks pretty good to me! So, get down off your soap box, get out your pity pit, get away from miserable folk and keep pushing. Get out your feelings, off Twitter and Facebook and keep pushing. Get folk out your ear, face, inbox and text message and keep pushing. Get out your own way, stop blocking your own blessing and find the faith that you’ve packed away and keep pushing! It may not look like it now but God has a purpose for whatever you’re facing but you’ve got to keep pushing to get through it.

Daily Devotional – 7/11/13 “Hold up your end!”

If 2 people are carrying a, let’s say, couch and one of those people are not holding up their end, doesn’t it put an extra strain on the other person making them work harder to cover the part you’re letting slip? If not, then I would think the couch would fall, right? Well, I wonder how God feels every time we allow our end to slip. I wonder how He feels knowing He has to work extra hard to make up for the things we consistently do, even when we know they are wrong. Yea, I know that with sin comes repentance but this doesn’t mean you should keep committing the same sin over and over; haven’t you learned anything from that mistake yet? Oh, it just feels right lying in the arms of someone else’s spouse, right? Well, when will you want your own? Oh, maybe you feel like that store has plenty of clothes so they won’t miss the items you still every time you go in there, right? Well, when will you stop stealing and start buying? Oh, I got it, you enjoy being hateful, spiteful, mean, a feeling hurter, a backstabber, a liar, untrustworthy and a fun snatcher; is that it? Well, when will you grow up and let go of all that anger that has you angry and not worth being around? When will you finally hold up your end from slipping? When will you finally put your back into it and stand up and raise your end? When will you stop acting like somebody owes you something because all I owe you is to love you? That’s what Romans 13:8 says, “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.” When will you stop being lazy and hold up your end? When will you stop oversleeping and actually go to church? When will you stop being bitter and love instead? When will you seek God’s kingdom instead of trying to be a baller down here? When will you stop thinking it’s all about you and make it all about God’s word? When will you stop going to church being a part of the mess and go for the message? When will you stop gossiping about folk whose business ain’t none of yours anyway? When will you stop hating on what other folk got and start praying for what you need? When will you hold up your end? When will you stop with the pity and throw in a little praise? Ok, so your child got sick, your job laid you off, your car starting acting crazy, your spouse acting like they’re hitting the sauce, your kids acting brand new, your friends haven’t really been there like you think they should, doctor looking at you strange, the scale keeps adding instead of subtracting, you keep going but you’re almost out of gas, you’re tired but can’t sleep, cried out but the tears won’t stop and feeling like you’re drowning even when you’re not in water but what now? You’ve read the scripture in Job 14:1 that says “A person who is born of a woman is short-lived and is full of trouble,” haven’t you? Then stop acting like it’s only happening to you and hold up your end, do your part, pray more, fast sometime, encourage yourself most time and trust God all the time. Hold up your end because when it falls, it may just land on your foot and then what will you do? Hold up your end and God will give you the strength to carry on!