Daily Devotional – 5/11/16 “Friend or foe?”

Last week in bible study, we began the book of Job. As I studied, I found it interesting that most of the beginning chapters are the conversations with Job and his three friends. What was also interesting was the judgment his so-called friends passed. I mean, here they come acting as if they really cared; they did sit with him for seven days and seven nights without mumbling a word but oh when they did, the first thing they suggest is that Job must have done something wrong and sinned against God because innocent people don’t suffer. After Job begins cursing the day he was born, the first friend replies saying Job you’ve always encouraged others during their times but now that trouble has struck you, you can’t handle it. Job listens because he believes encouragement is coming but Eliphaz then begins trying to convince Job to confess his sin. He says in Job 4:8, “My experience shows that those who plant trouble and cultivate evil will harvest the same.” In other words, he’s saying Job must have sown trouble because it’s what he’s now reaping; all because Job’s glitz & glamour was gone. Yet, isn’t it crazy how quick folk will judge you in your trouble but wasn’t saying a word when they were reaping the benefits of your good? This is why I asked the question in bible study, “How well do you know your friends?” Can you answer that?

Think about it. Job loved these friends and called them brother but when he needed someone to comfort him, they cursed him instead. When he needed someone to lean on, they pushed him off. They came to see what he’d done to cause God to punish him, not to offer words of encouragement. And some of us are surrounded by folk like this. Yea, they act like they love us but wait until trouble comes. They’ll start whispering stuff like, “I didn’t know she’d do something like this,” or “He sure did have me fooled, I thought he was one of the good ones.” These kinds of folk are only around to benefit off your favor. They won’t come and pray for you but they’ll show up to pimp you for information. They don’t show up to console you but it’ll be more like confronting you. This is why you have to be mindful of who’s around you. You have to examine folk, now days, just to ensure they are willing to go through the good and the bad. You do know some folk are only hanging on to you for the good, right? They are there as long as you’re serving steak but starting offering ground beef and see what happens. Baby, you have to get somebody around who can pray you out of trouble when you can’t, encourage you when you’re hurting or who’ll tell you when you’re wrong. You have to get someone who’ll be willing to go to war (spiritually) on your behalf and not be the one cheering for your enemy! How well do you know your friends?

Daily Devotional – 7/9/14 “Just be thankful!”

Just be thankful because it could be worse. Just be thankful because, if the truth shall be told, it should be worse. Just be thankful for what you have because you could be without. Just be thankful because if God blessed based on your merit, you should be without. Just be thankful for the bad days because then you’ll appreciate the well days. Just be thankful for the sickness because when you’re healing comes, you’ll get to see God’s power firsthand. Just be thankful for the pain you can feel because it means you’re alive yet again. Just be thankful for the storm you sometime have to endure because it could be a consistent thing. Just be thankful for the trouble that shows up every now and then because it’s simply God saying He’s chosen you because of your faith.

Baby, don’t you see? Don’t you get it? Trouble is promised to each one of us even before we were born but it’s not to cause you to tap out of the fight but it’s simply to test your faith in God. Don’t believe me? Come here Job. Job was stripped of everything, absolutely everything; yet his faith sustained him and he got back what he lost multiplied. Come here woman with an issue of blood. She spent everything she had trying to get well by man’s hand yet her persistent faith got her the healing simply by touching Jesus’ robe. Come here 3 Hebrew boys. They were cast into a fire for praying to their God yet they didn’t get burned, didn’t die of smoke inhalation; they didn’t even have the smell of smoke in their clothes and hair because their faith held back the flames. Still don’t get it? Come here my sister Laquisha. She had to endure her Job experience when a sickness attacked her body. A sickness that leaves most doctors bewildered, a sickness that cost her the ability to eat, sleep, talk or even go outside. Oh but her faith held her up and now she’s restored. Come here woman who’s had to endure kidney dialysis for as long as she can remember yet she still living. Come here single parent who has had to do it all by yourself yet you’re still making it. Come here you with cancer who the doctor said you wouldn’t live 6 months and it’s been 6 years. Come here woman or man who is only making minimum wage yet you’ve never missed paying a bill or cooking a meal. Come here, you who thought you couldn’t afford your rent yet you’re still paying it a year later. Come here, you who thought you’d never get a new car but the loan was approved. Come here, you who folk said wouldn’t be promoted and now you’re over those same folk. Chile, just be thankful! Even if you’re facing hell right now; be thankful because God hasn’t left you, He’s simply working behind the scenes. Even if the rope you’re holding on too is breaking and you’re too tired to reach beyond the break; let go but do so with the faith to know that God will catch you before you reach the bottom. Just be thankful y’all and watch the difference it makes!