Daily Devotional – 1/13/20 “I pray, again, this year…”

I shared this on last year and I think I’m going to share it every year. Why? Because my prayer for you, doesn’t change. See, this year, just like last year; I’m praying this will be the acceptable year of the Lord, concerning you. This year, I pray you give God a full yes, become more faithful to Him and His call on your life, find and connect with a church home, take the limits off God, love yourself more, make your time valuable, end fruitless relationships, speak against fear, take off the glasses of hurt, be healed and made whole, overcome, be set free, find comfort in your grief, refuse to let depression have the last say, deal with the buried anger, apologize for your wrong and make amends, gain the strength to say no, forgive yourself, forgive those who hurt you, stop counting those who don’t support you and appreciate those who do, tap into your courage and strength to love yourself enough to get out of a bad/abusive relationship and learn your worth; secure the bag (bag i.e. money), learn how to manage said bag, become debt free, charge your worth and be okay when ‘they’ decline to pay it, publish the book, get your business license and step out on faith, get that check-up (physically and spiritually), take your medicine, talk to a therapist, go to rehab, take your medicines and own your truth!

Yeah, this is one long run on sentence but for this year to be “THE YEAR,” you’ve got to repent, go and sin no more. For this year to work for you, you’ve got some work to do and it doesn’t start by making resolutions you know you will not keep. For things to be different, it starts with you. Let go of what you’ve gotten comfortable in, if it doesn’t fit with your purpose. Walk away from what doesn’t have the ability to push you to be better. Stop giving yourself away to what used to make you feel good, temporarily. FIND YOU! I pray this year; you change your way of thinking and how you react. Change your expectations and trust the power of God and what He created within you. Be more specific in your prayers to God. Spend more time studying the bible and in communion with God. Take time away from social media. Fast and consecrate yourself. Learn the value of tithing and sowing seeds. Find your purpose, learn it, study it, craft it, pray about it and faith it.

18, biblically means bondage; 19, biblically means faith but 20, biblically means, the cycles of completeness connected to a perfect period of waiting, labor or suffering that is compared to a trial and rewarded. I pray this year … your cycles of struggle, lack, unforgiveness, unbelief, self-sabotage etc. ends and with everything you’ve endured; you get a double portion of inheritance and your joy never ends (Isaiah 61).

Daily Devotional – 8/24/18 “Shutdown for the Shift!”

Sometimes, on this spiritual journey, you may find yourself in a place of feeling as if nothing is working out in your favor. It does not matter the amount of time you spend in prayer, you are still being passed over for promotion. It matters not your faithfulness to fellowship, you still have to fight folk who look familiar. You make the plans and do the research and business still fails. Everywhere you turn, no is all you hear and you cannot understand why. Leaving you to wonder, why is nothing working in my favor? Why is nothing going right? Why am I spiritually stagnant when I know God has called me? Well, maybe you been powered down to revive. Maybe this period of your life is a restart and not a rebuke. Think about electronic devices like cable boxes, phones and computers; things we rely on. Occasionally, these devices mess up and in order to get them to function properly, you have to restart them. Most times, it is an easy restart by choosing the option and other times some stuff happens that calls for a “hard restart” by pressing and holding down the power button and it was not your choice. Beloved, maybe the very thing you are going through, right now, is simply to get you back on track and God had to do a hard restart. It was not your choice but take it as God’s way of shutting you down to restart you. Does it feel good? Heck no but after it is over, you will realize it had to happen.

For most of 2017, I tried to finish my book, Dear God: Hear My Prayer. No matter what I tried, the many things I have written before or even the talks I had with God, no book. It did not matter that I had the book cover and the story line because I was stagnant. Truth is, I got mad at God and even contemplated taking a break from releasing anything because it seemed nothing was working, anyway. Why bother, right? Yet, I stayed in and under God. Everything He would give me, I jotted it down in my notes. I did not know it then but I was being restarted for the shifting that was about to take place. God had shut me down in order for Him to restart something new within me and when 2018 showed up, so did I. Dear God was released and it has been one of my best sellers. All because God shut me down to restart me. Why is a restart necessary? Here is what I realized with my work computer. If I never shut it down to restart it, I may miss necessary updates from the network that can only take effect AFTER the restart. Therefore, to you my brother or sister who is in an unexplainable time in your journey, maybe you are in shut down mode because God needs to update what He installed on the inside of you. You do realize things need updating, right? Then you should know if you never allow God to shut you down, you might miss necessary updates from the Master that can only take effect AFTER the restart. Your gift(s) is good but now God has an update that is about to make it greater for the places and people you are about to encounter. Allow the shutdown for the shift!