Daily Devotional – 5/14/18 “Stain remover!”

So this morning I pull up and park, at work. Right before I get out I notice a stain on my dress. Are you kidding me? Now, I laid this dress out (threw it in the dryer for good measure, you know wrinkles and all), put it on, looked at myself in the mirror and ain’t seen nothing! Do you hear me? Not one thing and yes, it is noticeable because my dress is white with orange, purple … you get the gist. I sat there for a minute contemplating going all the way home to change or either waiting until my favorite store (Rainbow) opens at 10. Then I said screw it, got out and walked into the job. Don’t get me wrong, the stained worried me because what if someone sees it and thinks something. But then, I thought about it. Chile, forget this stain because I know this dress is clean and there are way more pressing things that could be wrong. However, as I was walking to the cafeteria, I said to myself, “Self, what if folk actually saw the stains within us.” The stains of our self-doubt, lying, cheating, backbiting, sabotage, slander, promiscuity, sorrow and etc. What if folk only knew about those stains because baby, a lot of us would be looked at differently if they knew what our flesh covered? This is why my attitude changed to appreciation of God for being my stain remover.

Anybody else thankful that God is better than Gain, Arm & Hammer and Tide when it comes to removing stains? Anybody else grateful that God is more powerful than Oxi Clean and will wipe out our sins and speak of them no more? Anybody else, other than me, glad to serve a God whose power is more potent than the magic eraser and shout? And get this. God doesn’t remove our sins and transgressions because we deserve it but He does for His sake. Beloved, it’s not because of us that He finds us worthy of being purified, over and over but it’s His reputation on the line. This is why God says, even with your shortcomings, I’ll still stamp out your sins. God says, even with your weaknesses, I still find you’re worthy. God says, even with your flaws, I’ll still favor you. For it is His word which says in Isaiah 43:25, “I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, And I will not remember your sins.” And you got the nerve to worry about folk talking about you. Chile, let them talk while you serve a merciful God who is willing to eradicate our sins, even when we don’t serve Him as faithfully as we should. Thank you God for being what I didn’t even know I deserved.


Daily Devotional – 11/6/17 “Mirror, mirror!”

“Mirror, mirror I see; what would my reflection show if you were to know the dark parts of me?”

If you could no longer hide the scars, the tear stains and the secrets of your heart; what would your reflection show? If you could no longer hide the molestation and abuse, what would your reflection show? If you had to own up to the truth of your addictions, what would your reflection show? If covering up the many one night stands or empty relationships were no longer an option, what would your reflection show? If for one day, all of your skeletons were on display, what would your reflection show? Hard questions, I know but if we can be honest for a moment; a lot of us toil with these thoughts every day. What if they knew this about me? What if they find out about my past? What if they knew my daily sin? Well, what if they did? What if they knew? So what if “they” happen to have an opinion. To hell with those overly religious, shade throwing, filthy mouth judgers; they don’t have a heaven or hell to put you in. Oh, they can make your life hellish on earth but why let them.

You do realize that those “they” folk have a past too, right? Oh, they are still sinning too and the only reason they are bold enough to call you out on yours is because nobody has been bold enough to call them out on theirs. But they aren’t even worth that because the truth of the matter is, God could, at any moment, expose any of us. However, here is where you shout, God says to us just as He did to Israel in Isaiah 43:25, “I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins.” Beloved, God doesn’t forgive and forget because of us, we ain’t all that, but He does because of Him. Neither does God wipe our slate clean simply because He doesn’t have anything else to do but He does it for what He will have us to do. This is why He’ll pick us up each time we fall. This is why He will forgive us even when we do what we promised Him we would not do again. It isn’t for you but it’s because of what God has already placed in you. So the question now is, when will you return to God and give Him all of you? Baby, He already knows your secrets and He still counts you savable. He already knows your transgressions and still calls you His treasure. God knows what you did last night and He still counted in the number to wake up this morning.