Daily Devotional – 10/21/15 “Wake up like …”

It doesn’t matter that you laid down crying from a broken heart. It doesn’t matter that you may be temporarily out of funds. It doesn’t matter that you’re in the midst of your storm. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have all you think you have. It matters that you woke up like this! What’s this? You woke up! If you’re reading this, you’re in your right mind with the activity of your limbs. Yea, you may be in pain, you may be worrying about that, you might be still trying to figure out last month’s bills with this month’s added on, you may be looking for a job, trying to understand how you ended up in that valley or pit, trying to figure out how to feed the children dinner, trying to get somewhere with no car and no reliably friends but you woke up! Baby, you may not have the house you want but you didn’t wake up outside or in a homeless shelter. You may want steak but only have ground beef budget but you have food. You may not have the job you want but you’re surviving.

Chile, wake up like this! What this? Baby, wake up appreciating the blessing of seeing a new day. Wake up thanking God that He allowed the death angel to bypass your name and your house. Wake up with a praise on your lips instead of pity. Wake up expecting greater instead of gossiping. Wake up feeling like the royalty you are. Wake up walking in the favor you’ve been filled with. Wake up acknowledging the anointing you’ve been allowed to achieve. Wake up blessed because you are! Wake up grateful because you should be. Wake up thankful because you ought to be. However you woke up, you woke up!