Daily Devotional – 3/26/19 “It maybe the weight!”

For the past few months, I’ve been dealing with pain in my thighs and legs. Unexplained pain so, I’ve been going back and forth to my primary doctor who tries this medicine and that medicine while doing blood work. Afterwards, the results showed inflammation but couldn’t determine where it was coming from. He refers me to a rheumatologist, to rule out arthritis, lupus and etc. (I’m sighing writing this because more doctors.) However, this doctor was really cool and he did, what was within his specialized field of study and nothing. All of my tests came back normal. Read this carefully because it’ll make sense in a minute. ALL OF MY TESTS ARE NORMAL and he checked everything. He said, maybe you need to have a nerve study of your legs. Did that, a year or so ago and it was normal. Anyway, I go back to my primary doctor who says … Lakisha, all of your tests are normal and there’s nothing we can find. I can do so more tests but I really believe, you’ll see some benefit if you lose weight. Sitting in that cold room, looking in the face of a doctor I’ve seen more than I like, I was incline to agree because I’d, also, come to the same conclusion, it’s the weight.

Why am I sharing this? For somebody who, like me, is facing some unexplained pain whether in your physical or spiritual. For somebody who can’t understand why your life is seemingly unstable and for somebody who is feeling the pressure. Beloved, it may be the weight. The weight of being immobile and unhealthy eating habits. The weight of him or her who you’ve been dragging around too long. The weight of burdens you’ve been carrying on your own. The weight of being the only provider. The weight of caring for a sick love one. The weight of a job that keeps ignoring your potential. The weight of the mantle God called you to carry. The weight of being for everybody, what nobody can be for you. Beloved, it may be time to lose the unnecessary weight. For the bible shares in Hebrews 12:1 says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” Here’s how you do it. Get up, get active, get vocal and get to cutting. A dietitian will tell you to cut out bad carbs, sweets and fats and Lakisha is advising you to lose bad carbs, fats, sweets along with bad choices, settling for anything and fickle folk. When you do that, you’ll start to see the benefit of losing the weight.

Daily Devotional – 5/4/17 “What have you lost?”

Last night I was watching ‘my 600 pound life, where are they now,’ following up on a lady who’d had surgery a year ago. The show was documenting how she’d handled her weight loss and now, her journey to be approved for excess skin removal. She finally gets the surgery but while recovering, she finds herself having to learn how to essentially balance herself and walk again. Why? Well because the doctor removed the weight she had become accustom to carrying around. So, when she stood for the first time, after surgery, she was off balance. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t walk, something she’d done since she was a child but what she had not counted in was how her body would feel not having 60 additional pounds pulling her down. The excess weight had become part of her life and although it was heavy, her body had adjusted to it and with it being removed, she finds herself having to learn to live without it. And somebody reading this, you’re in a similar situation. No, it may not be weight loss surgery but somebody lost something and now you feel off balance because you don’t know how to function without it. Yes, it was heavy but your life had adjusted to it. And you can’t understand why, all of a sudden, your life feels different. You cannot make sense of why you find yourself swaying when you have been walking, perfectly fine.

You got divorce and now you don’t know how to function coming home and not having to argue with somebody. You don’t know what to do with the time you used to spend taking care of momma/daddy who recently died. You don’t know how to live after spending years in an abusive relationship. You find yourself still cooking like you got $5 instead of $500. You feel guilty when you wake up in a good mood instead of being your usual depressed self. You still buy clothes to fit your old size instead of the new. You don’t know how to accept a compliment. You don’t know how to enjoy the fact your ministry is growing. You don’t know how to walk without the weight and now you’re stumbling and swaying, crying and refusing to get up. Afraid to look in the mirror because she said you were ugly. Fearful of taking an assignment because he told you nobody would accept somebody like you. Scared of walking without the weight because you spent too many years walking with it. And now, you find yourself sitting on the side of shame, propped against a wall of weeping, holding on to a walker of weakness, carrying a cane of confusion or depending on the crutches of captivity. Beloved, it’s okay because I have your prescription for physical therapy and you shall walk without the weight.

Dear God,

Thank you for removing the weight. Now, give me strength to walk without it in order to get to the place, in destiny, you have designed for me.