Daily Devotional – 5/30/14 “Psalm 23”

“You Lord are my Guide and I want for nothing. You allow me to rest my weaken spirit in green pastures and lead me to peaceful waters to drink when I thirst for your word. You restore my weary soul while leading me along the right path to honor thy name. Even when I have to walk through dark valleys, I shall not fear because you are always near to comfort me with thy rod of comfort and staff of protection. You prepare a table for me in the midst of my enemies that fill my spirit, you raise my bowed down head with your anointing and fill my empty cup with blessings. Surely, your love and mercy will follow me as long as I follow you and I shall dwell in your house forever.” (Lakisha’s version)

So tell me again why you are worried? God is your guide, follow Him. God gives you rest and He even quenches the thirst you have for Him, take it. God can restore your soul, let Him. If God is there when you have to go through, why aren’t you going? God prepares a table with a feast of everything you need and then lays it out in front of your enemies to show them who He is, why haven’t you taken a seat? God fills your spirit so why is it empty? God raises your head, why do you insist on bowing it down? God fills your cup with blessings but you have to turn it over. Don’t you know that God’s love, mercy, guidance and grace follows you, then why are you looking back? All you have to do is believe in Him and allow Him to be your guide. Once you do this, everything else falls into place. God has his part; accept your role, learn your lines by studying His word and then play your role.