Daily Devotional – 1/9/17 “Suddenly!”


The other day, my husband and I were watching Family Feud. Steve Harvey introduced the families and one of them were the returning family who’d one 3 times already. Well, I watched and I couldn’t see how they’d won three games because they were struggling so badly this time. I mean, it was up to the third question and they were losing. By all accounts, there was no way they should win the game, this time. But then something happened. They ended up winning the third round which meant the two teams would have to go to sudden death. If you’ve ever watch Family Feud, then you know at sudden death, the person who gets the top answer wins. Well, they won. They’d been down the entire game and still won. They’d probably been counted out by everybody because even I didn’t think they could win. But they did. Why am I sharing this? Well because somebody is in the hardest struggle of your life and folk have already counted this as a lost. You’re at the toughest part of the fight and the referee is beginning to count you out.

You’re looking at the scoreboard and you’re still losing. You see the odds stacked and they’re not in your favor. You’re looking at the court papers and they still say guilty. You just answered the door or the phone and it was more bad news. You looked and you still can’t win for losing. You can’t get up for being knocked down. Well beloved, even when it looks like you’re losing we serve a God who has the power to change the game suddenly, in your favor. We serve a God who has the ability to still call you victorious after the lost. Baby, we serve a God who has the power to turn your default into deliverance, your forfeit into favor and your penalty into plenty. We serve a God who specializes in victories not scores. We serve a living God who counts you as the champion, not based on your wins but your faith. All you have to do is stay in the game, stay on the battlefield and stay in the fight. It may not look like it now but God can do it suddenly and without your permission.

Daily Devotional – 9/2/16 “A limitless God!”

“Today, at this very moment, I’m taking my self-installed limits off God and I’m believing Him to do a supernatural thing in my life! Y’all He’s about to blow my mind by simply fulfilling my requests!! Watch!”

I need you to understand that God is getting ready to shift the lives of some saints and it’s going to be an immediate and sudden thing. Baby, God is getting ready to release some off guard blessings and it’s going to be answers to some requests you’ve made. Yea, He’s about to fill those things you’ve been asking for in prayer. Oh, you forgot about them well God hasn’t. He was simply waiting for you to let Him do it, His way. Baby, when you take the limits off God, He’ll do some stuff in your life so big that it’ll blow your small mind. Do you know that God has the power to send you a blessing so big that you’ll have to move in two days? (I know, we’ve been there.) Oh, you might not understand it while it’s happening but it makes sense when it’s over.

God moves you from the church you’ve been at all your life because it’s hindering you from receiving the blessing He has for you. God allowed that relationship to end because He has something bigger and better in store for you. You were laid off because that job didn’t have the capability of utilizing the gift that is you. God has to remove things in order for us to receive greater. Think about it. If your washing machine goes out and you go out and purchase a newer model, how can you replace it unless you remove the old? You have to trust God to know that He’ll never replace what has been taken with something that doesn’t have the ability to be greater than what was lost. Chile, God will replace what you’ve lost and what has been taken with something you didn’t think you deserve. You just need to stop limiting God. You’re praying for God to send you help when He is the help. You’re praying for Him to send you a way out when He is the way out. When will you take the limits off and let Him do it?

Jeremiah 29:11-13 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

Limitless God