Daily Devotional – 4/17/15 “God, whatever you’re doing in this season …”

Whatever God is doing in this season of your life, don’t question Him. Whatever God is doing in this season of your life, go through it. Whatever God is doing in this season of your life, get the lesson out of it. See, whatever it is you’re facing, going through, dealing with, fighting against, running or hiding from – it’s time now that you face it! Yea, it’s going to be hard but you’ve got to deal with it. Stop running. Yes, it might hurt but stop hiding. When Jonah ran from the assignment God sent him to do, he ended up in the belly of a fish. Now, I need you to look around … are you in an unfamiliar place in your life? Is it dark and you can’t see your way out? Have you tried calling on folk and they couldn’t help? Have you tried to get yourself out only to find that you got pushed deeper in? Are you wandering lost in the same place you’ve always been without a clear direction on where to go? Have you tried it your way and it didn’t work? If you answered yes to most of these, you might need to think about what you are running from. Please understand this, people are quick to assume that when God places a calling over your life it is to be a minister but that is not always the case. No, God calls all of us to do things and it’s not just to be a minister of His word because if you think about; His word should live in us daily so we should all, in one way or another, be ministers of the gospel anyway.

Yet, whatever it is God is calling you to do; you have a responsibility to find it out – stop running from it and then you’ll be able to do like Jonah did and call on God from your dark place and He’ll hear you. For Jonah 2:2 says, “I cried out to the LORD in my great trouble, and he answered me. I called to you from the land of the dead, and LORD, you heard me.” Yes, I get it; it feels like every time you try to get your life together; the enemy is camped all around you, hell breaks loose in your home, folk on the job start acting strange, it feels like you’re about to lose your mind but just like Jonah when he started to lose it and thought all hope was lost, when he thought it was the end, he says in Jonah 2:6, “I sank down to the very roots of the mountains. I was imprisoned in the earth, whose gates lock shut forever. But you, O LORD my God, snatched me from the jaws of death!” Baby, God won’t let you die in the mess you’re in – GET UP! God won’t allow you to suffer by yourself – OPEN THE DOOR! God won’t allow you to be in this thang alone – ANSWER THE PHONE! God won’t even allow you to continually run from Him – STOP RUNNING! You have something on the inside on you that has been growing and now it’s time for you to give birth … PUSH! Start pushing out that purpose God has dropped in your spirit, somebody needs to hear it. Get ready to deliver that destiny, somebody needs to see it. Then your song will change to, “God, whatever you’re doing in this season; don’t do it without me!”